LUDE: State Dept. Cut Loose Restrictions on Interaction between US/Taiwan Officials

Video Extraction: Ablec(文A)
Chinese Subtitle: Lude Media Design Team – YY
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA) –Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) –Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya Da Vinci (Italy) – Zisuhuasheng


We talked about Taiwan for two episodes now Biden administration has officially cut loose the restriction on interaction between US and Taiwan officials. Now, we move on, we mentioned yesterday this is going to trigger dramatic response from CCP side. Just like mentioned yesterday, US will always talk about “ one China policy”. A lot of private medias are still BS, but this one China policy has changed completely. This one China is no longer PRC, the core meaning is changed, because in the three-open declaration, one China policy is in the first of these three.

In the first open declaration, US admit Republic of China is unique. What Liu Heping said here is actually an attack on Xi Jingping, because all the diplomacy polices were made by Xi himself. This article is different from the one from Liu, it’s a typical pro-Xi article. Liu stepped up and talking about this, there must be serious issues. It indicates someone among the CCP is question Xi-The God of CCP. The CCP understands now, all the connections in US are no longer reliable. Bush family is offended, Hilary is offended. This is a complete open war, when you see all these stuff from CCTV. The CCTV reports of these stuff indicates it is on the last step already, that is pathetic.

What has CCP been doing for the last three years? That is kept pushing things off, waiting for the election. We said after the January 20th, everything getting accelerated. both democrats and republicans working to take down the CCP. They put up a trap for CCP, now CCP got it. From the reactions of CCP, you should know, CCTV start to talk about all these, you should know. Why we said whistleblower movement can save your life and fortune? You guys will understand shortly. Why is US starts to take action? That is because of the CCP-virus. Who is backing up Biden? That is establishments of GOP, that is Clinton family, Bush family, Kissinger.

The CCP thought they were playing the US, but it’s the opposite direction. So, all the Chinese, you should try to avoid similar issues happen on our land. You should avoid the disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chinese people need to stand up. It has been many years. Members of CCP, Yuan Shikai did not step up. If no one is taking the responsibility, then it leaves the US without a choice. Because, western world cannot give you more time, if you don’t step up, all the assets of kleptocratic will be confiscated, if you step up, you are savor of all Chinese. Before the US officially take action, there is still opportunities!

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