Rewind to Miles Guo’s assertion on September 10, 2018, and $18.2 billion fine against Alibaba

Alibaba was fined 18.2 billion, proving Mr Wengui Guo’s words as early as September 10, 2018, he said that Ma Yun’s “4- step Dung shell beetle shelling plan” was doomed to be shattered

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According to the antitrust law Article 47 and 49. Considering the nature extent and duration of Alibaba Group’s illegal activities (China)Market Regulation Authority makes a decision of administrative penalty, and order Alibaba Group to stop illegal activities. And fine 4% of total sales in 2019 which was 18.228 billion yuan.

–from the CCP/CPC Central Television news report

Jack Ma’s so-called resignation has four main purposes:
The core purpose is to avoid the United States and Europe’s next investigation of his company, mainly under cooperation with the Chinese government.

The second point, Jack Ma is amazing, he is clear that CCP is going to nationalize private enterprises. No one can avoid this big event. (CCP) going to rob you directly. Killing you and take your land. “Don’t kill me, I give it to you “. Give away money to save lives and cooperate with the kleptocrats. This shows that he has a real intelligence source.

Third, most people don’t understand that Ma Yun played quite smart this time. On the surface, let you see I’m giving up my money to save my life. In fact, Jack Ma is to relieve the burden & blame for money laundering. “Are you satisfied?” It turns the result of Jack Ma’s big plan.

Including Alibaba’s listing (New York stock market) in the USA, the next step is Ant Financial‘s listing. Ant Financial (‘s fundraising) has completed 3rd round of fundraising, with all overseas institutions. A lot of money already be transferred out of China. Ma Yun played quite smart. He doesn’t have back to CCP/CPC china mainland. He sends wealth to those big families and asks them back to help him. Then ostensibly by giving away assets to shield, Ma took his main core assets back, and the cash.

The last one, everyone must remember Jack Ma After this adjustment, they established Jack Ma Fund. Do you think Jack Ma Fund has no money? Jack Ma Fund took the cleanest money and the safest money. And the money must be overseas.

In Jack Ma’s Fund, all members of the foundation, the management departments of the Fund including the investment committee and the management committee, these directors must be world-class, the best. Why? Escort!

Ma Yun took four steps. Do you want to play this?! Dung beetle takes a bath and puts itself into a cocoon afterwards, wanting to make silk with it. It’s a big poisonous spider; a black spider gets around the tree. Then whoever stuck by the web you will be caught and then be poisoned to death.

Translated upon Mils Guo’s broadcast on 10 September 2018

Video Clip: Tomorrow’s Rainbow
Dictation: Tomorrow’s Rainbow
English Translation: Stone
English Proofreader: Wen Zun
Source: Tai Shan
Subtitle: yi

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