The Chinese Communist Party Has a Virus in Its Left Hand and a Vaccine in Its Right

  • Author: 千岛湖(文新)
  • Picture: 七白石;透明的遮羞布
  • Translator: Ranting

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Some time ago, Sinovac inactivated vaccine released the third phase of trial data to the public, is the data true? Does the vaccine really work? CCP has been faking since the day it was founded, faking data, faking food, faking infrastructure, faking diplomas, faking news, faking drugs, all kinds of fake goods, would you believe that the vaccines in the CCP are real?

After decades of development, communist China’s industry is mainly based on processing of incoming materials, and the whole society is pursuing “short, flat and fast”. Although economic figures have improved dramatically, communist China has very little intellectual property and core technology of its own. Because what communist China is best at is not innovation, but copying, from high-tech aerospace to the bottom end of raw material processing, that’s why China is known as the world’s processing plant.

This kind of copycat is common throughout the medical industry, and falsification of clinical trial data is an unwritten unspoken rule in the communist China. In the whole product development process, the most important and the longest time spent is the process of product development from nothing to something, no enterprise in communist China has the patience to do this process, the future from nothing to something is unknown, but the enterprise has to invest a lot of human, material and financial resources. Many times a lot of money is invested, but in the end you don’t get the results you want. Therefore, Chinese medical products are commonly copied and copycatted, which involves clinical data before the product is marketed. In order to capture the market faster and more often, many companies’ products are brought to the market without perfecting the design or before they are completed, and the clinical data is just a symbolic completion of the task. Communist China has had only businessmen, not entrepreneurs. While businessmen have the sole purpose of making money, entrepreneurs have a sense of mission and responsibility.

What’s more, now CCP wants to use the virus to develop a vaccine economy. China has never been a market economy, only a political economy, and all economic activities serve the CCP. The party says you can, then you can, the party says you cannot, even if you can, you cannot.

The CCP virus is a global pandemic. The CCP first used the virus to collapse the economies of various countries, and then the CCP used the vaccine developed in the shortest possible time to create a vaccine economy, aiming to kidnap countries around the world. China’s 1.4 billion people have been kidnapped by the Chinese Communist Party, which first makes you eat toxic food, breathe toxic air, trade your life for money when you are young, and then trade your money for life when you are old, and finally give your hard-earned money to the hospital.

Now the countries of the world also enjoy the treatment of the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party first releases virus, then sells vaccines, then releases virus, then sells vaccines, and so on and so forth. This is repeated and endless. The green, sustainable economic model that the CCP could not achieve at home can now be accomplished with viruses and vaccines.

The Chinese Communist Party has not only weakened the countries of the world, but also made your money, and you have to say “thank you”. In the Communist China, when evaluating a quack, it is often said that this doctor only treat the head when the head aches, treat the foot when the foot hurts, and there is never an end to the diseases he can cure. Whether the vaccine works or not, the vaccine will never solve the fundamental problem, the virus is constantly mutating, and let’s not forget that there are still an unknown number of viruses in the Chinese Communist Party’s biological laboratory. The only solution was to track down the truth about the virus and eliminate the CCP.

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