An Absurdly-Painted Highway Lane Marking In China Extort Millions From Chinese Drivers

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On April 12, a highway intersection, located in Foshan, a city in southern China, went viral on Weibo, a CCP-run social media platform.

In this video shown above, you will find how this highway intersection was deliberately designed, by ridiculously extending the solid line mark that divides the main road and the off-ramp, and no guide sign is put in place to indicate the drivers about the upcoming off-ramp in advance. As a result, drivers were forced to change lanes at the last minute by crossing the solid dividing lines which are deemed as an irrefutable violation of traffic rules in China. The outcome would be that the CCP’s traffic police division can use its most advanced surveillance system to ticket those vehicles that break the traffic rules and collect a huge amount of revenue from driving offense fines and penalties. 

According to the Weibo post that broke the news on the contentious intersection, over 620,000 drivers have been fined to date for crossing the continuous solid dividing line marking, generating a total revenue of 120 million RMB for the local government.

After the Weibo post was published, this highway intersection received heated discussion from Chinese netizens. Foshan traffic police bureau immediately closed off the public access to the official fine information relating to this intersection.

This kind of bizarre things is happening every day in Communist China.

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