[G Times] Politics and Current Affairs / Original Skit: Form a Pack to Take-down-the-CCP is more stimulating than Gang-bashing-monsters in video games

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  1. How to see Lithuania and other 6 Central and Eastern European countries’ scorn for Xi Jinping?

Forming a pack to take-down-the-CCP, is much more stimulating than gang-bashing-monsters in video games.

2Foreign Ministry Wang Yi said that the Communist China does not recognize that one country is superior to others in the world, nor does it accept that one country alone can decide for world affairs.

Don’t bother to negotiate with ‘Sickle’ for the rights of ‘Leeks’.

First, hit the Sickle with a hammer into scrap metal

Then, we sit down and reason

To convince people with virtue.

[Note:   Hammer represents the working-class, Sickle represents Peasantry.  Together, “Hammer and Sickle” is a communist symbol, representing the CCP.   “Leeks” refer to the ordinary Chinese people who have been continuously hit and reaped under the brutal CCP regime.]

3What’s going on? The Suez Canal is “blocked” again?

Bad luck for the Suez Canal Authority, losing US$400 million every hour for the blockage…

The CCP has to pay up!

4、Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning” conducted its routine drills through the Taiwan Strait.  What is the CCP really up to?

Take a joy ride, and most importantly showcase our beautiful and talented female-soldiers on the deck.

5、Biden is still afraid to ask Xi Jinping for the truth about the origins of the virus.  What’s your tactic?

Lockdown, close the passes and deploy Tiger Yang.

[Notes: Jiechi Yang (nickname Tiger Yang) is the CCP’s Foreign Affairs Chief, top-ranking diplomat specialising in US-China relations.]

6、In the past, the world was divided into several classes, namely:

Working class  vs.  Proletariat

City residents  vs. Villagers

Rich  vs.  Poor

Zhao family members  vs.  Non-Zhao family members

7、Nowadays, only one class left as a result of the CCP-Virus

Positive vs. Negative

[Notes: ‘Zhao family member’ is a new title for the Chinese powerful class.  As a surname, “Zhao” represents all the supreme families of the CCP.]

8、How do you see Wang Yi’s visit to the Six Middle-Eastern countries?

Blocking the Suez Canal on the left, closing off the Strait of Hormuz on the right, obstructing Turkey from the above, and then…

For the world, no more “then” after this.

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