The CCP Is Very Proud to Be a Rogue

Dr. Lawrence Sellin’s tweet today: “ The single, most important, and most immediate step to defeat the Chinese Communist Party is to expose the network and scientific activities responsible for the creation of the COVID-19 virus. I have a detailed map of that network but I need more information from inside China.”

  • Mr. Lu De called on the fellow warriors of the Whistleblower Movement to help Dr. Sellin with his CCP virus network map.
  • Dr. Yan, who read this tweet, was amazed that the U.S. intelligence service was able to dig up the Capital Medical University, which has deep ties to the CDC in Beijing.
  • Dr. Sellin must also have had links with some U.S. intelligence service. Otherwise, he gathered this information to give to whom and for what purpose.

Former State Department policy planning official for China Miles Yu and Ex-deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger both testified before the US-China Economics & Security Review Commission on “An Assessment of the CCP’s Economic Ambitions, Plans, and Metrics of Success.”

  • During the hearings, they uncovered the economic schemes of the CCP.

China’s state media: U.S. presidential envoy’s trip to Shanghai is extremely low-key and secretive, with all sides keeping an eye on the outcome of the talks.

  • The CCP believes that polluting its own country’s land and air, even if it affects the world’s environment, is China’s internal affair. They always use their rogue tactics against the civilised world.
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