【Lude Highlights】Threat of CCP’s Live-Fire Military Exercises in Taiwan Strait Prompts U.S.-Taiwan Joint

Video Extraction:   Wende
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Dr Guan

If you look at this issue of Biden’s friend visit of Taiwan, just like Dr. Hu said, he represents Biden, why? Didn’t CCP complain about communications between US and Taiwan? So, Biden’s way is trickier and practical. This is a way of mature politician, if you are so object any official communications. Therefore, we can send someone unofficial to do so.

So, he can not only represent myself, yet not so official. Also, you cannot blame us for this on this issue, we kept fighting but not open confrontation. We are not trying to force you to accelerate the situation. I am still able to covey the messages. Biden’s old friend is a former senator. He was on the searching committee when Biden was vice president. Basically, he helped Biden find Kamala Harris. So, he is very close to Biden, apparently.

This is a very strong signal that US is with Taiwan. Second, Kerry is visiting China as ambassador of the environment issues. A lot people’s interpretation would be. Since he is ambassador, then he is not going to collude with CCP. Is that possible that while talking about environment, but release some constrains to CCP? We should consider Kerry was an experienced politician of democrats. He was a president candidate and former state department secretary. Another veteran of DC. He is very close to the network of Biden.

At the current critical moment, Biden sent Rick to talk about environment with CCP. At the same time, sent his old friend to Taiwan. The signal to the outside is: don’t misunderstanding the event that I send Kerry to talk with CCP. I really get no other intentions, you can all see my support of Taiwan. Kerry is more than an ambassador of the environment. He is an ambassador of good-will, after elimination of CCP. A series of things after taken down the CCP. Just like Miles said, a final warning to CCP.


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