An Ode To Innocence

【Author】Jin Wang    【Editor】Isabella

A little boy

A little girl
High atop mountain’s wild
Where their mother was born
Where they first 
Met the surging
Primal warmth
Of Life

Of Love
Within their blood
Where skinned knees
And lost teeth

At lightning storms 
As thunder roared 
Up above

Just like she did
Her children 
Catch lady bugs and chase butterflies
And find themselves
Covered in the gooey sap
Of the pine-needled trees
Scaling the mountain’s
Steep rounded rocks 
Up to the very top
And look out 
As far as they can see

They believe in 
The Great Spirit in the Sky 
That lives in and all around
That breathes 
Through the humid
Summer wind

And the chill

Of winter’s breeze
And feels through 
The old growth 
Of the ancient ground
The Omnipresence 
That peers out
From the eyes 
Of the weaver spider
And the scuttling 
Brown mouse
That hears through 
The sound
Of the lone 
Coyote howl
And the wide spread
Of the hawk’s
Gliding wings
The melodious 
Flow of the sweet
And careening 
Natural spring

Her children
Come running 
Back down
Into the valley
Of yellow prairie fields

Where wildflowers and straw scent the air
Their young laughter
Echoing with a wise
Otherworldly feel
As they slip
Between the fences of
Grazing horses
And deer
Dispersing startled 
As they excitedly clear
The lands throughout 
Endless meadows to roam 

In simpler times

In nature’s most comforting home

The children both 
Intimately hold 
The power 
That their mother
Felt deep in her bones
Living the mystic
Mountain privilege 
That was hers alone

Her children
Are forever safe
And wandering
Never ever 
Called away
From the vast
And Loving space
That is the Almighty
Sacred dream
Never awakening
To the negativity
Or the world’s
Harsh polar degrees 
As it spins in 
The vacuous black 
Of the deep
And endless freeze

That dwells in distant lands

The children

Are infinitely free
The entirety
Of their Everything
Cradled within
The Highest 
Sacrifice of Love
So utterly cherished 
And protected 
That their mother
Refuses to 
Conjure them up
Into her outstretched
And needing arms
To accompany her 
Upon the rough and dark
Uncertain seas
That are the unsettling
Thrashing perceptions 
Of this disconcerting 

They learn and grow
In their spiritual play

Swathed in warmth and glow of Light
And when 
Their mother closes 
Her eyes at night 
She arrives 
By their sides
Without delay
She takes a hold
Of their small and innocent hands 
And together they pray

She gives away
Her heart 

As her Thanks
For allowing them stay
Within the midst 
Of the bliss

High atop
The mountain of

Eternal Peace & Love ❤️

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