Chinese Communist Party Is Determined To Go Back to “Mao Zedong’s Era”

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Ranting

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In recent years, China’s growth has slowed precisely because the current CCP leadership has moved back to a model that asserts ever more government control. The country is becoming less free with each passing year. The CCP uses technology such as facial recognition, surveillance cameras, and control of the internet to monitor its citizens’ every move. More and more there are signs that the CCP is reverting to its Maoist past. Under chairman Xi Jinping’s leadership, the CCP has become more and more vicious and unstable.

In the West, Mao is on par with Hitler and Stalin. Why did Xi Jinping try to cover up the Mao Zedong era? Because this embodies Xi Jinping’s stubborn worship of Mao Zedong and his pursuit of a similar historical position. The new version of Party History highlights Xi Jinping’s “achievements” and downplays Mao Zedong’s mistakes shows exactly that.

Under Xi’s direction, the new version of party history is not only no longer dedicated to the Cultural Revolution but also ignored the history that people were starved to death under “the great leap forward”. The new version of Party History no longer includes serious disaster during the Cultural Revolution in Mao Zedong’s 30-year rule.  On the contrary, it uses tortuous and flatter writhing styles to absolve Mao’s mistake. Emphasize that Mao’s decision was mostly correct, but they were used by anti-revolutionary groups to against Mao and against the party.

In my opinion the fact that the brutal and large-scale crime campaign launched by Mao Zedong was ignored only has one explanation. That is chairman Xi wants China to return to the Mao Zedong era. Chinese society under CCP’s control has entered a point of no return. The phenomenon of Chinese economic prosperity is under the whitewash of the CCP. There are countless social issues in current Chinese society. Such as erosive corruption, judicial injustice, disparity between the rich and the poor, the desperate and helplessness of the disadvantaged, the plundering and destruction of resources by exhaustion, the blockage of public opinion, lack of trust, political indifference, etc. It can be said that these problems themselves are caused by the system of CCP, and naturally they cannot be really solved under the CCP’s system. Xi’s action of going back to Mao’s era is a last-ditch effort to save his dying party. He believes that the only way out of perish is thorough his personal “great maneuver” and his faith towards Mao’s ideology.

We can foresee he will fail incredibly for the CCP can no longer hide truth to the Chinese people like they used to. Chinese social problems will inevitably erupt. We must stop CCP’s evil deeds as soon as possible and save the world we lived in.

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