Chinese Communist Party Continues to Falsify to Cover Up the Truth of the Epidemic

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This video was taken in Ruili, Yunnan Province, on the evening of April 11, 2021.

These people are being pulled away by the truckload for isolation, and the community is also strengthening isolation measures. Informed netizens say that taking away isolation happens frequently, and Families are in a state of being isolated from each other. From the latest published data, it appears that Ruili still has three high-risk areas and six medium-risk areas, 

This means that the risk of epidemic in Ruili is still high.

Faced with the serious situation, The most effective measure taken by the CCP was to remove the secretary of the Ruili Municipal Party Committee from his post. And the CCP opened the issue of dereliction of duty in the prevention and control of the epidemic for investigation. The next day, the number of new confirmed cases dropped to zero. This method of solving problems is the “institutional advantage” advocated by the CCP.

For the CCP, no matter how serious the problem is, “institutional superiority” is always its propaganda. “institutional superiority” is always its killer app, and whether the problem is really solved is never its primary concern. It is never the CCP’s primary concern; the “superficial” – that is,  The “superficial appearance” – that is, the appearance of a solution – is the CCP’s real concern. The CCP uses a huge bureaucracy to kidnap every official. If they want to keep their official positions, they must do what the CCP wants them to do. Otherwise, They will lose their official positions.

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