The CCP Navy’s Dream of Aircraft Carrier Is in a Fool’s Paradise

  • Author: gokuabuela
  • Translator: Ranting

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Recently, there has been a lot of news about the CCP Navy’s aircraft carrier formation, so let’s talk about the Chinese Communist Party’s aircraft carrier dream. Since the theft of the country, the Chinese Communist Party has been stealing and cheating on cutting-edge technology. In the traditional military field, they deeply feel the power of the U.S. aircraft carrier, frightened at the same time has always had a carrier dream.

First in the early 1980s, the Chinese Communist Party purchased a scrapped World War II aircraft carrier, the Melbourne, from Australia for dismantling. The ship was outdated but well preserved, allowing the CCP to learn the beginner’s knowledge of aircraft carriers from it.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Chinese Communist Party bought the scrapped air cruisers of the former Soviet Union (the former Soviet Union had always dreamed of an aircraft carrier, but the concept and technical capability were not enough, and no real aircraft carrier was ever built), the “Kiev” and the “Minsk” were not real aircraft carriers, but they opened the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, and they were later turned into military theme parks.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party finally had the best opportunity to purchase the 68% completed Varyag, falsely claiming that the move was for the construction of a military theme park. At that time, the Soviet Union blew up all the ship’s power systems, command systems, and weapons systems, leaving only an empty shell. However, the Chinese Communist Party finally dragged the “empty shell” to Dalian after a lot of hardship.

Even if it was an “empty shell”, at that time the Chinese Communist Party could not build it. After more than 10 years of research, firstly, they worked out the special steel for building aircraft carriers, then the weapons system, radar system, command system and so on were slowly put in place, and finally the first aircraft carrier of the Chinese Communist Party was transformed – the “Liaoning”. Then, on the basis of the “Liaoning”, the first self-built aircraft carrier, the “Shandong”, was built after improvement and integration.

After a short introduction to the history of the development of CCP carriers, let’s take a look at the shortcomings of CCP carriers. Modern warfare, the fight is the short board, who has more short boards, who has a shorter board, then who will die faster. So what exactly is the CCP’s aircraft carrier?

  • Carrier-based aircraft: The United States is the only country in the world capable of building a modern shipboard aircraft. The former Soviet Union did not build one until its dissolution. Not to mention the Chinese Communist Party. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party obtained two prototypes of the Soviet Union’s “Su-33” from the Ukraine through the “BGY” program, and finally built a shipboard aircraft, the “J-15”, after working on it themselves. The “Su-33” is not advanced, let’s put it this way, assuming that the Chinese Communist Party has “perfectly” completed all the design concepts of the “Su-33” and “perfectly” integrated modern technologies such as phased array radar, the aircraft would barely reach the level of the American “F-18” Hornet, which is slowly being retired in the United States and replaced by the “F-35”.
  • The number of aircraft on board: The Chinese Communist Party considers itself the “perfect” version of the “J-15”. 24 aircraft can be carried on the “Liaoning”, plus four AWACS aircraft. If it is in wartime, it can be expanded up to 28 “J-15″s (parked on the deck). The USS Roosevelt can carry about 80 fighters (mostly F-35), plus AWACS, helicopters, etc.
  • Powertrain: Communist China can’t build a good engine. From cars, to planes, to ships, they can’t be built. The “Liaoning” is designed with Soviet oil-fired boilers and steam turbine engines, yes, steam engines, so it emits a lot of black smoke, so it needs a “nurse” to follow, and is said to have a self-sustaining capacity of only one week. And all U.S. carriers are nuclear-powered and theoretically infinitely self-sustaining. In general, the gas turbine used in large ships, the CCP is also unable to build, the famous “LM-2500” in the United States, the CCP pondered for decades, even after stealing the technical drawings can not be built.
  • Catapult system: If you compare the appearance of Chinese carriers and American carriers, you can see that the front section of the deck of the Chinese carriers is cocked up, while the American carriers are flat. This is because the United States is using catapults to take off aircraft. Such a takeoff is fast and does not use up the jet fuel carried by the aircraft itself in order to allow combat aircraft to lift off quickly and maintain the long lag time that is so important for combat. The former Soviet Union could not build a catapult, so it used a sliding deck, which resulted in: first, slow takeoff, requiring the aircraft to fly up on its own; second, consumption of the aircraft’s own fuel, takeoff is the most fuel-intensive stage, reducing the range and stall time; third, there are restrictions on the weight of the aircraft, too heavy for the aircraft to get on board.
  • Early warning aircraft: Because of the above-mentioned catapult system, the CCP cannot equip fixed-wing naval early warning aircraft, which are too heavy to fly. Only helicopter warning can be used. Early warning aircraft are called the “eyes” and “brain”, and their role is almost decisive for the entire carrier strike group. The difference between a helicopter and a fixed-wing naval early warning aircraft is like the difference between a bicycle and a car.
  • Experience: The navy is known as the “100-year navy”, and experience is crucial. The CCP has no experience in naval operations, and has no experience in the use of aircraft carriers. This is not even as good as India. Aircraft carriers are like a city, the whole operation is very complex, and the U.S. military has paid countless blood to gain success. The CCP started from scratch. So far, it has only learned a little bit of appearance from the United States. It also always thinks about overtaking in corners. The real core needs time and blood to change.

There are many, many more shortcomings, and there was once an argument circulating in military enthusiast circles that “a ‘Liaoning’ in perfect condition would be able to achieve about 28% of the operational effectiveness of a U.S. aircraft carrier if it played 100%.” We lack detailed data to support this because of data confidentiality, but I personally agree with this view.

Modern warfare is a war of systems. What we can see are carrier strike groups, what we can’t see are satellites in space and submarines in the depths of the ocean. When it comes to submarines, there is another big shortcoming. First of all, the U.S. submarines are all nuclear submarines, and the “Seawolf” class has achieved a noise level below the background noise of the ocean, almost undetectable. CCP has no submarine that can match it. And when it comes to submarines, we must talk about America’s ally – Japan.

After World War II, Japan only had a Maritime Self-Defense Force and no navy, but as a member of the U.S. Pacific system, Japan was mainly responsible for U.S. logistics and anti-submarine in the Pacific. Mainly against the former Soviet Union, after decades of development, Japan has the most advanced conventional submarine technology and fleet in the world, and is firmly in the top three in the world, and can even reach second, after the United States.

Japan’s “Hyuga-class helicopter frigate” is actually a “quasi-carrier”, designed according to the concept of aircraft carriers. Designed to carry 11 helicopters, now all changed to F-35, combat power leap, straight to the “Liaoning”, and such a prospective aircraft carrier, Japan has seven! And in the U.S. and Japanese combat system, these are only auxiliary roles!

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force submarines + quasi-carriers + U.S. carrier strike groups, do the Chinese Communist Party’s carriers have a chance to live? Let’s do a little military chess projection.

The war broke out and the U.S. dual carrier strike group took on the Chinese Communist Party’s dual carriers. Within 30 minutes, 80 U.S. F-35s lifted off, with early warning aircraft forward, and began their attack 1,500 kilometers away from the CCP’s carriers. When the Chinese Communist Party’s early warning helicopters found the U.S. aircraft, only 300 km, 5 minutes warning time, 5 minutes to take off 10 aircraft. 10 VS 80, there is a generation gap between the aircraft, how does the CCP fight?

Japanese quasi-carriers + Japanese submarine force + U.S. submarines, responsible for purging underwater, can form a superb undersea defense circle, and CCP submarines can hardly pose any threat to U.S. carriers.

And the frigates and repulsor ships in the CCP carrier strike group have to face the aircraft, destroyers, cruisers, and the Japanese 8*8 fleet of the U.S. carrier strike group, each of which comes out to fight alone, not to mention a complete and mature combat system?

CCP carriers can only threaten fleets without carriers, and naturally have no chance of winning when they encounter American carriers. Another tactic is sneak attack. However, under the background of modern technology, such a big target with billowing black smoke will definitely be stared at. The sneak attack tactics are probably also “idiotic dreams”.

No matter which way you look at it, once a CCP carrier goes up against a U.S. carrier, it’s dead. Once the war starts, the aircraft carrier is bound to be the primary target of attack, and the end of the “Liaoning” and “Shandong” will still be “dead”.

Aircraft carriers, arguably the pinnacle of current human weapons systems, should be used to advance and protect human civilization. In the hands of the CCP, however, the aircraft carrier is merely a tool to show off its power to the people at home and to small neighboring countries. In my opinion, the aircraft carrier of the CCP is a joke used for brainwashing and propaganda of the “great nation”, and the dream of the aircraft carrier of the CCP Navy is just a fool’s paradise.

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