The Wisdom of Life

【Author】Jin Wang    【Editor】Sharon

When you succumb to 
The Wisdom of Life
You realize
Not only have you been walking 
Across the hands of God all along
You are the eyes through which 
God realizes itself

The embodiment of Truth
And the unequivocal acceptance
Of the sacredness 
And Divine essence of Love
Reside within the intangible 
Purity of the heart’s
Secret chamber of Wisdom

I seek solace in the brilliance
Of each dawns’ rising sun
Who inhales the bitter-sweet darkness
Raising hope amongst the ruins

I am a ripple within the wave
That soothes a grainy shore
I ignite curiosity in the minds
Of those who are wanting more

I am that current within the wind
That tickles every leaf
And your witness to that miracle
So you question your faith…your beliefs

I am the familiar within the greeting
Of a stranger on the street
To break down the walls of racism and division
The result of ego’s treachery and deceit

I am that compassion within a memory
The comfort befriending loss
Whispering “keep your heart open wide”
Despite the pain and emotional chaos

I am a child in and of nature
That can shift reality and perception
If the mind is willing to surrender
And consent to happiness, freedom and peace

Insights are the seeds
Which grow the roots
That unearth the buds
Which opens its blossoms
And flourishes
Within the beauty and wisdom of
Light, Harmony & Love ❤️

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一切已经开始,Take down the CCP !!!


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