【Author】Jin Wang    【Editor】Sharon

Deep in the forest
Between shadow and soul
Hallowed whispers echo
As hushed emotions rise
Earth to sky

Along morning’s cusp
Eyes quietly open
Soaking in the first rays
Of the warm and nurturing Sun

Listen closely
To the sweet moist dew
And its translucent views
Up in the mists of sleepy mountain meadows
Rolls the voice of the searching soul
And behold
The dawn of a new day

Light as a feather
She tiptoes
Over gnarled roots of ancient trees
Illuminated beneath
Heaven’s incandescent and ethereal glow
A delicate flower
Petals flutter
Twirling between the stars and the mystic moon
In nocturnal dance
Awaiting a sacred bloom

She wades slowly across the silent and still waters
Reflecting the beauty and grace of Life
Reaching upward
To grasp the forbidden fruit
All creation in bated breath
Watching. . .
Until she takes that first bite
To Truth

A flight of Freedom
Born of Light
Born of Love
Wings spread
Far and wide
Her shadow on the path
Clear and bright
In the offing
The horizon soars
In clear sight 🙏🏻

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9 months ago

一切已经开始,Take down the CCP !!!

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