The Three Books, China Can Say No, Unhappy China and Amazing China, Reveal the True Rogue Nature of the CCP

In his live broadcast on April 11th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said that the three Books published by the CCP, China Can Say No, Unhappy China and Amazing China, had revealed its true rogue nature. He said that Americans had gave many opportunities to the CCP after the May Fourth Movement, the June Fourth Incident in 1989 and the South China Sea incident and so on, trusting that the CCP would let the Chinese enjoy democracy and freedom after the economy was more developed, yet the CCP ended up returning to its true nature of rogue, which was evidenced by the truth that since 2008, China acted indecently under the CCP’s leadership by not fulfilling its promise to the WTO, behaved like hooligans at the Olympic Games by taking stimulants and infiltrated all sorts of international organizations. 

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Let me tell you why the Americans still support you CCP and support China as they did previously, even after the June Fourth Incident in 1989 and a series of incidents in the South China Sea including the plane crash and so on, and so on.

What they support is the Chinese people. They do not necessarily support you CCP. They trusted that you CCP could give the Chinese people democracy and freedom under certain circumstances when your economy is more developed. From 1913 to the May Fourth Movement, then to the June Fourth Incident when tanks ran over the students, I [America] let you go every time as I wanted to trust you one more time. I trusted you the third time and let you develop your economy, open and reform, and trusted Deng Xiaoping.  

In the end, the CCP went back to its nature of rogue, that is, fraud and fakeness, which is what we see now. Look, after the June Fourth Incident in 1989, a book, called Unhappy China, was published in China. Everyone remembers a book called Unhappy China. China was not happy. Why? China became unhappy because it had its reform and opening and made some money. Everyone, remember that it was written by someone called Chijian Jingshang. The second book, called China Can Say No, came a few years later with more bragging (Chinese slang). Sorry, my words are too vulgar. No good. China Can Say No. Remember this book everyone? Another few years later, Xi Jinping the great god Xi and Wang Qishan came to power. You know what book was published then? Amazing China. 

That was all America got after all the wait, the three books – China Can Say No, Unhappy China and Amazing China. How many years were spanned? China won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games. They hosted the Olympic Games successfully, which shook the world. In 2021 (slip of tongue, should be 2001), China not only won the right to host the Olympics but also obtained the entry ticket to the WTO and signed the agreement. Since 2008, China, as a collective, acted indecently by not fulfilling its promise to the WTO and behaved like hooligans at the Olympic Games by taking stimulants, under the CCP’s leadership. Regarding the title of ‘sports superpower’ [self-claimed by China], our brother Hao Haidong and sister Ye Zhaoying have given you the clearest answer. It [the CCP] is a hooligan superpower and an incest superpower. Anyone that has some sense of shame knows what happened. It is not sewer that was blocked by the condoms [thrown by athletes], it is your spirit and your conscience being blocked by condoms.    

Some were normal, but other collective approaches were not. From Unhappy China, China Can Say No to Amazing China, from the 2008 Olympic Games, the entry to WTO to comprehensive infiltration into the Interpol, NGO, World Bank, IWF and IMF. The WTO was completely infiltrated. The number of spies in Belgium are comparable to that in America. There are about 80,000 in America now, approximately. In 2017, there were around 60,000. Now I think there are 80,000 to 100,000. In Belgium and the EU, the number is definitely in the same range. 

You let it prosper, but it sabotages you. You are kind to it, but it does evil deed to you. You helped it once and then it keeps wanting you to help until you stop offering your help and then it will kill you or strangle you. This is called hooliganism. By the way, are there any nobility in China? How many hooligans are there in China? The gap between nobility and hooliganism is clear.

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