[G Times] Politics and Current Affairs / Original Skit: “One bandit and 40 Alibaba”

Translator: Dahai Wuliang

Proofreader: Janyvo


Image source: Melbourne Athena Farm Design Group (JIefushuoshuo)

1、Please briefly describe “the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare”.

Chiseling a Japanese ship, blocking Egypt’s Canal, costing the entire world US$400 million per hour …

Taking American money, stealing American technology, and killing American people.

2、Please briefly describe the CCP’s current standing

One bandit and 40 Alibaba

The magic spell to unlock the Treasure Cave: the truth of the COVID (the CCP-Virus).

3、The CCP experts claimed that those who are preparing for pregnancy can also take the CCP-Virus vaccine shots.

You sure it’s not a birth-control shot?

One single shot, contraception for life.

4、How to perceive Japan, India and Philippines joining forces against the CCP?

From North to South, curve-wrapping the CCP

5、What’s your take on the illegal immigrants “renting” children to enter the United States?

Why don’t they just loan Biden out? No need to return that!

6、Do you think the CCP is still able to bring up the Winter Olympics?

I believe that the CCP will be brought down by the Winter Olympics.

(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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