Community within CCP is at risk, that WHO’s praise may turn to shame

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

In the past days, I have been receiving powerful signals from various sources within China that the CCP community is at risk.

As I have mentioned before, there will come a time for CCP to panic. And the time is near as there is widespread fear now within the CCP community.

They are very well aware that the CCP virus has spread globally, and now it is said that the WHO does not totally

clear CCP of being accountable for the spread.It’s not like that. To be precise, it may be the virus from the laboratory

Under these circumstances, as the matter runsout of control,the Communist Party persists in struggling till the end to shirk its responsibilities.

He said if this happened, taking also into account genocide and crime against humanity

The Communist Party and all the descendants of the Communist Party, will be held accountable like the Nazis.

He further added that there is significant trouble developing with the domestic economy recently.

He said that essentially, manipulation of public opinion can only sustain desired results for a limited time.

There is no money in it for the common citizens. Everyone thinks theentire leadership

adopts an extreme risk-taking stance, it is believed that Chinese people is surely heading towards a deep fall.

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