[G Times] Politics and Current Affairs / Original Skit: “Global Village’s Household Registration Card”

Translator: Dahai Wuliang

Proofreader: Janyvo


Image source: Melbourne Athena Farm Design Group ( Jinglinglan)

1、What is “dan-mei” (Indulge-America)?

——When two handsome men engage in a homosexual relationship

Loving each other to death.

Whilst a bunch of rotten women observing them with great interest, mouth watering too…

2、How to evaluate China-Russia relations?

——A 71-year-old man is trying to get laid by a 30-year-old young man,

So the old man offers all kinds of money and land

in exchange for a sore butthole, and nothing else but grief.

Leaving 1.4 billion leeks (Chinese people) in dismay…

3、What’s vaccines?

——Young sprouts of a plague…

4、Regarding “Truth about the Virus” (Chinese term “病毒真相”)

Sickness (“”):In the past, there was this so-called Sick Man of East Asia, now the Sick Man of West Asia, Sick Man of South America, Sick Man of North America all emerged…  Consequently, if this sickness cannot be cured, it will infect the whole world.

Poison (“”): the Five-poisonous sects.

Truth  (“”):the antidote.

Appearance (““):  By all means, this year the death will be upon you – the CCP!

5Why did Tedros lie for the CCP?

——because he doesn’t know how to speak the truth.

Why did Fauci lie for the CCP?

——because he doesn’t know how to speak like a human being.

6、What’s a global vaccine passport?

——A household registration card from the global village 

7、Why does the CCP lie?

——because it can’t live without lying.

Why was the CCP able to lie?

——because the Chinese leeks can’t live without being lied to…

——I repeat, for the Chinese leeks can’t live without being lied to …

8、What’s your take on the US, Britain, Australia and Japan 14-country’s collective inquiry into the true origins of the virus?

——14 major sects besiege Zhongnan-pit, and escape no more for the Five-poisonous sects!

(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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