How Much Time Is Left for the CCP?

  • Author: 神奇四侠
  • Translator: Ranting

A watershed in relations between the CCP and the EU came in 2019, when the CCP pushed through the national security law in Hong Kong, leading to massive protests by Hong Kong people. And the CCP’s cold-blooded and ruthless repression immediately brought back memories of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 1989. Thirty years have passed, and the illusion that the CCP could change on its own through economic development has completely failed; the CCP is still the same CCP, still the same dictatorial regime. Communism has not changed its sense of its cruel nature at all.

The deepest fear of communism still belongs to the Europeans, the Cold War Soviet steel flood and the threat of nuclear war, enough to hang over the heads of Europeans for more than 40 years.

In 2019 the EU produced a white paper “Strategic Outlook 2019” which defines the CCP as a “systemic competitor” based on 3 main aspects:

  1. The Chinese Communist Party’s violation of national freedom, state power and free market
  2. Coercive measures used by the CCP (Xinjiang massacre, suppression of the Hong Kong democracy movement)
  3. Communist China’s growing confidence in Europe (huge economic benefits)

But the 2020 epidemic knocked Europe for a loop, hitting its economy hard with repeated outbreaks and leaving governments scrambling for supplies to fight the epidemic. They were forced to bow down to the CCP. And the uncertainty of the 2020 U.S. election has pushed this sentiment even further to the top. The emblematic representation is the signing of the investment agreement between the CCP and the EU. Let Europe choose the interests first in a left-right swing.

But the new Biden administration continues the policies of its predecessor, not only admitting that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for the genocide, but also continuing to trace the source of the virus. Through the tireless efforts of U.S. diplomacy, the coalition to eliminate the CCP is now taking shape.

This time, on April 7, Jinping Xi spoke with Merkel on the phone again, just after the phone call on March 25, why did he still call on April 7? Let’s move the timeline forward. The call came after a speech by Secretary of State Blinken, who made it clear that the source of the virus must be investigated to avoid any recurrence of the “biological threat”, otherwise we would be doing a disservice to our children and grandchildren. This is a critical moment in history when we must dare to think and act, and the United States will face the challenge head-on.

Let’s move the timeline forward again and take a good look at how the world situation has changed in the past 20 days or so.

After the U.S.-Japan 2+2 talks on March 17, Blinken met with Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi in Alaska, where both sides gave movie-star performances that were fully deserving of Academy Awards.

March 22 EU sanctions Chinese Communist Party over human rights in Xinjiang

March 23rd Chinese Communist Party counter-sanctions against EU

EU Parliament cancels meeting to discuss China-EU investment agreement on March 23

On March 23, Germany and Japan signed an intelligence exchange agreement to enhance the exchange of classified information and scheduled a 2+2 meeting between the defense and foreign ministers for mid-April.

Blinken’s visit to the EU on March 25

March 25 phone call between Jinping Xi and Merkel

President Biden attends EU Leaders Online Summit on March 26

For more than a week, Secretary Blinken ran around trying to build an alliance to destroy the CCP, understanding that the United States would either not fight or it would be a world war if it did. So get as many allies as you can and build alliances.

And Jinping Xi on the 25th and Merkel has already had a phone call, after a bullying, and I do not know how many behind-the-scenes deals to reach, is finally appeased. But now why did you call Merkel again after just over half a month? It was because Secretary Blinken made a speech that set the tone and was going to go to war with CCP. Take it, CCP!

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