GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (14th April, 2021)

Host: Mikehua Question Preparation: Angela, Clio, Daniel, Mikehua, Dr. TCC| Proofreading: Shibukedang | Page: Rain

Pandemic, Global Economy, and International Relationship

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Over the past week, media in the world made significant advancements in spreading the truth of the CCP virus. Some giant left-centered media are talking about the origin of the virus from the laboratory. Although not exactly the truth, but much better than natural origin misinformation. The CCP is still stretching its tentacles towards Taiwan, South China Sea, and all over the world, and we are very honored to have Mr. Bannon share his view with us on these pressing issues.

Mike: Dr. Sellin has been supporting Dr. Yan’s reports on the COVID-19 as an unrestricted bioweapon and Dr. Gupta in CNN has also supported the lab origin theory as that from Dr. Redfield, the former CDC director. Many Americans gradually accept that the virus is made in a CCP lab. What more needs to be done until the US officially announces the COVID-19 is a biological weapon?

Daniel: The bipartisan 2021 Strategic Competition Act requests a report from the Intelligence Community to investigate the origin of the Pandemic. The Act also requires actions to confront the CCP’s expansion. What do you say about the Act?

TCC: The U.S. State Department has on April 9 issued new guidelines that deepen relations with Taiwan among the heating temperature of the South China Sea. As a former naval officer, what is your view on this?

Castle: CCP sent hundreds of maritime militias, disguised as fishermen, and broke into a territorial disputed island reef in the South China Sea. How should the US military deal with this kind of military-civil fusion trick?

TCC: Sen. Marsha Blackburn called China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are the “new axis of evil”. What is your interpretation on this claim?

Castle: The US Commerce Department added 7 more supercomputing companies to the trade blacklist, because of their efforts on supercomputers for “military actors” and supporting programs for developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In your opinion, what does the WMD mean here?

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