[Bombshell] How to End the CCP Virus Pandemic Once and For All (Part II)

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[Bombshell] How to End the CCP Virus Pandemic Once and For All (Part I)

To end the CCP Virus pandemic: Classify hydroxychloroquine as an over-the-counter drug. It’s as simple as that!

It is essential to have the right regimen against CCP virus. We all know that hydroxychloroquine is effective (for prophylaxis and treatment of patients with mild disease, but not for severe disease). How simple it is to make hydroxychloroquine available as an over the counter (OTC) drug! Why refuse to do that? Just follow the money and you will figure it out! Big Pharma is making big money: the coffin money! Many unscrupulous politicians and elite doctors (especially those with the right to speak, so-called academic leaders and key opinion leaders) may have been bought.

The first people in the world to say that hydroxychloroquine can treat the CCP virus were Dr. Mo and his wife from LuDe Media’s show [3]. According to Dr. Li-Meng Yan, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which has been used for 60 years, is very efficacious in the fight against viruses. It Effectively targets various pathogenic mechanisms of viruses. As a safe drug, it can be taken over a long time, as long as attention is paid to comply with safe dosage requirements. According to her disclosure, top officials of CCP are fully aware of the therapeutic effects of HCQ. These senior officials along with some military hospital doctors may be taking it themselves. But not all the Chinese people know this important information, nor do frontline medical staff who face high risks. As for why the CCP does not publish this information? Dr. Li-Meng Yan said: The CCP does not publish the true information about the source of the virus, information about the virus and its true behavior patterns. It is not because the CCP wants to find a vaccine, it is because they do not want the world to know what is going on with the virus and delay the real scientific community’s response to the virus.

Preaching that HCQ works is like stabbing the mainstream media and elite doctors in the lungs. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a medical advisor to several U.S. presidents, first taught the American public not to wear masks, then changed his tune saying they should wear masks later. He justified himself saying that there were too few masks to begin with and he was afraid that people would panic buying them. Would the public take masks from medical staff? Look at how many masks the public donated during the pandemic. This is such an insult to the kind-hearted American people! He is now President Biden’s epidemic prevention consultant again, and he has begun to peddle the policy of vaccinating children under the age of 12. On March 20, 2020, Dr. Fauci had ulterior motives in opposing the use of HCQ to prevent and treat CCP virus infection. In fact, on August 22, 2005, the CDC published an article that HCQ could prevent and treat SARS coronavirus infections [4]. However, Dr. Fauci’s strategy for dealing with the CCP virus pandemic is not to mention the obvious, but pretend to be confused.

(Anthony Fauci), Ph.D., Director of Immunization and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, medical advisor to several US Presidents. So-called academic and key opinion leader.

While the public questioned Dr. Fauci, the medical elites such as the American Medical College, the American Academy of Infectious Diseases, the American Society for the Study of Children’s Diseases, and the American CDC have joined forces to jointly support Dr. Fauci [5-9].

After successfully treating more than 700 patients with CCP virus infection with HCQ, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko wrote a letter to President Trump explaining its effectiveness [10] [11] . After that, online attacks against Vladimir Zelenko were overwhelming. A large number of Dr. Zelenko’s Youtube videos were removed. The New York Times attacked Dr. Zelenko as a rural doctor who lived in a dilapidated house and peddled HCQ, which was not approved by the FDA [12]. After numerous proofs of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine treatment, Dr. Zelenko said that hydroxychloroquine opponents were the perpetrators of a collective massacre [13]. In the end, Dr. Zelenko was forced to leave the town where he lived [14].

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD

Brian Tyson is a front-line physician treating patients with the CCP virus. He stated that the CCP virus is a plague that got to the United States because of the interests of certain people. HCQ is extremely effective, and no vaccine is even needed to end the pandemic [15] [16].

Dr. Brian Tyson, MD

(To be continued)


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