CCP Launches a Domestic Propaganda Campaign To Encourage Anti-US Sentiment

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During the growing tension between the PRC and the US, this is CCP’s domestic propaganda campaign to encourage patriotism and anti-American sentiment among those enslaved and brainwashed Chinese people.

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For the Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party, every cinema is required to play at least two Party’s propaganda films weekly

Central News Agency, Taipei (April 7) – To celebrate the Centennial of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the National Film Bureau of China recently issued an announcement on launching “the Exhibition of Excellent Films to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party” Campaign, requiring cinemas from all parts of China to show at least two “RED” films publicizing the Party every week from April to December.

People’s Daily Online, one of the Party’s media outlets, recently reported that there are a wide variety and number of films included in this film-showing campaign. According to the above announcement, each cinema is required to show no less than two “RED” films a week, and the cinemas of “People’s Cinema Line” and “Art Cinema Alliance” are required no less than five such films a week. This celebrating campaign should be widely carried out in rural areas, urban communities, and on campuses throughout the country. Key films about the Party’s history can be combined with local learning and education sessions of the Party’s history and the Party members are expected to gather to watch and study together about them.

The announcement pointed out that the campaign is an important arrangement from the film industry to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and to support the learning and education of the Party’s history. The local film departments and film units must pay great attention to its importance and implement the campaign to quarantine the outcomes.

It is reported that some famous “RED” films, such as “From Victory To Victory” and “ShangGanLing (translator: a movie about the war of supporting North Korea to fight against the US)”, will be shown repeatedly this month.

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