Senator Marsha Blackburn Labels China as Part of ‘New Axis of Evil’

Writer: Lois

In a Sunday Fox News Live interview, Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn labelled China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as a new axis of evil that must be stopped. The Republican Senator also expressed her views on US foreign relations, particularly how President Biden should approach the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempts to coerce Taiwan.

On Friday, Beijing released a statement declaring Taiwanese military would stand no chance of victory if the CCP chose to invade the island nation. The Chinese military or People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted a series of military exercises to intimidate Taiwan and its allies, including the US. These displays include Chinese air and naval craft infiltration into territories claimed by Taiwan.  

“When you look at what is happening with China, how they are pushing into the South China Sea, if they move in and they were to take Taiwan, if they take away the freedoms from Hong Kong, if you look at what they are doing to the Tibetans, that they are doing to the Uyghurs, if you look at how they are trying to practice debt diplomacy all around the globe…what are they trying to do?” said Ms Blackburn.

The Tennessee Senator added that the Biden administration must openly show more robust support for Taiwan and US allies who oppose the CCP and its agenda. She explained how the CCP is attempting to recreate a Chinese empire, similar to the past Soviet Union. 

“We know that China is very aggressive, that they are testing the Biden administration. And when it comes to what we should do about it, we need to remember: generations of Americans have promised to protect Taiwan. And when we protect Taiwan, we send the signal that we are going to stand for and protect democracy,” Ms Blackburn stated.

Fox News. (April 12, 2021). Sen. Marsha Blackburn: China is part of ‘new axis of evil’.

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