Video title: Dr. Yan’s report shocked the world and Whistleblower Movement unconditionally fight for truth

Mr. Miles Guo’s dictated:

Yesterday, Dr. Yan released her third report which aiming for taking down the CCP with truth about the virus

Whole world with this

Wuhan Organization,

It has gone head-to-head with the report released by the so-called WHO

At this time, it caused a huge response in the world.

Dr. Yan is so tired and barely slept for two days.

Yesterday she sent a message saying that she had a headache because of the lack of sleep.

She really did a great job.

She was highly valued and recognized by the top scientists, epidemiology

and military intelligence agencies of the world

including biological and chemical weapons research

which will push the Whistleblower Movement to another level

Behind this, there is our Ph.Dr. Team and LuDe Media’s effort in breaking the news widely,

and also including the huge contribution of all the Farms of our

Whistleblower Movement, G-news, GTV’s broadcasting.

Who knows without these?

All because of Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China,

gives Dr. Yan and Ph.Dr. Team a platform. Without this platform, it will be meaningless.

Now, we are engaging in a group fight

and we have caused this kind of nuclear fission effect to the media,

bioweapon experts, world military and intelligence experts in the world.

Only facts can give everyone the answer

We don’t care how other people evaluates us

or how others see us

We owe nothing to anyone

So my brothers and sisters,

Know yourself, respect yourself, love yourself.

The most important thing is to be true and unbreakable.

Like many financial industry leaders in China nowadays

I heard that Jack Ma’s buddies and Ma Huateng ‘s were arrested

dozens more last night

All of Zhang Hongwei’s secret lovers were arrested too

Now the Development Bank has arrested a bunch of people

those bastards were bribed by Zhang Hongwei useing bourfish before

I heard that the illegitimate children of Zhang Hongwei got come out as well

The fate of these people is certain.

What do we do, we abide by the law, firmly believe in our faith

Use practical actions to help justice.

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Dictation: 麵包樹 Savi

Translation: 風之傷

Proofreading: sugerpup

Video production: xiong

Review:getter Group

Uploading and Layout: huhuwenying

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