G-TV investors Protest SEC in Washington DC

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Started on April 5th until today in Washington DC, G-TV investors have been protesting against the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), which colluded with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and discriminated against the G-TV investors.

Protest in DC 4.12.2021

The G-TV Media Group is an America company founded in April 2020. It is the only media platform that deliver truth including how the CCP brainwashed the Chinese people and rule them as slaves, disclosed the CCP’s evil plans against the western world, such as 3F (foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America), BGY (cyber-attack (Blue), money bribery (Gold) and sexual bribery (Yellow)). The G-TV also is the first media exposed that COVID 19(CCP-Virus) is the unrestricted bioweapon released by the CCP.   The G-TV platform has awakened millions of people in the mainland China and the people in the United States and other countries.

The SEC is being BGY corrupted by the CCP. Since Last year, the SEC has been colluding with CCP using falsified evidence to do so-called-investigation. They intentionally extend the investigation and caused the great financial loss to the G-TV investors. Especially, the mainland China G-TV investors’ information has been leaked to the CCP by the SEC. Evidenced by the fact that CCP conducted a political hit-job and pressure campaign on these investors grounded in the mainland, China. The SEC’s action is believed to has led to the many of the G-TV investors in threaten, arrest of these investors, some of whom even lost their lives.

However, in the past twenty years, the SEC allowed hundreds of the CCP’s unaudited companies getting listed in the U.S stock market to rob America people trillion of dollars and practically supported the rise of the evil authoritarian CCP regime in the last two decades. Many of the CCP entities are identified as the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) related entities by the U.S. government.  Regardless, the SEC allowed these PLA entities to access the capital market, pension funds of Americans to enhance the PLA capacity against the western world and develop unrestricted bioweapon- the CCP virus. The CCP-virus has so far infected 136 million people and killed 2.94 million people over the world. The SEC has an undeniable responsibility for their dirty connection the CCP and failed to protect the investors all over the world. The G-TV Media Group operates in the U.S. and carefully followed all the laws and regulations in the country, but because of the SEC’s collusion with the CCP, their discrimination against the G-TV investors has caused significant financial loss to all the investors of the media platform.

Protest in DC 4.5.2021

Now, the G-TV investors have four demands to SEC in their protest :

1. we demand that the SEC immediately come clean and disclose all the communications with the Chinese Communist Party. Especially the communications with the Police Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party.

2. we demand the SEC to compensate for the loss of GTV investors.

3. we demand the SEC to stop its collusion with the Chines Communist Party and its persecution and discrimination against our investors.

4. we demand the SEC to immediately stop its bureaucratic malfeasances and respond our demands in the court.

The protest will continue until SEC respond to the demands.

Photo snapshot via G-TV video

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