The Internet Is Banned, So Now the Protest Movement in Myanmar Must Adopt Old-Fashioned Communication Methods

  • Author: 里奇
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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What do you do when the military has carried out a coup and put the population in an iron grip – and banned large parts of the Internet, so that the population is prevented from communicating with each other?

In Myanmar, where the military took power two months ago and placed the country’s civilian leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, under house arrest, people have resorted to a form of communication that can probably best be characterized as “old school”. Not least among Myanmar’s student activists, leaflets, pamphlets or small magazines have been published for several weeks with news about the bloody development in the Southeast Asian country.

In these pamphlets, which evoke memories of the illegal magazines published by the Danish resistance movement during World War II – about 80 years ago – readers in Myanmar can find articles, poems and comics as well as practical revolution tips for fighting the military. With titles such as Towards, Molotov, The Voice of Spring and The Milestone of Spring, these magazines thus serve as a means of calling for democracy.

Internet access has become difficult and the media is limited. In this situation, we must follow the old-fashioned methods, as a former member of the student union told the independent news media Myanmar Now.

The young activists behind the magazine Molotov, named after the petrol bombs used during the fighting against the military regime, deal in their fighting body with topics such as the repression of the junta and the strong restrictions on the Internet. They have explained that their goal was to keep the public informed and engage them in the resistance struggle.

The military regime has banned mobile internet, public Wi-Fi and portable Wi-Fi broadband. But here before it shuts down completely as planned by the military, the resistance movement in Myanmar is trying to keep some communication alive through SMS services and Facebook.

Protests against the military coup continue, especially in cities such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Sagaing.

Since February 1, over 600 civilians have been killed. In addition, there are reports that many arrested protesters have been tortured, and some of them have been sentenced to long prison terms.

On Friday, the military announced that 19 people have been sentenced to death -17 of them in absentia – for the murder of a relative of one of the army captains. The 19 convicts are believed to be protesters.


The situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate. Space for average people is getting smaller and smaller, and more innocent lives are being killed. This is another live version of “Hong Kong”! How long will this world be poisoned by the CCP? Should the international community once again stand by brutality indifferently? Human beings can pursue technological progress infinitely, but the spiritual realm seems to be still stuck in the lower stage of the primitives. Regardless of capitalism, socialism, and communism, they are becoming obstacles to prevent humankind from obtaining ultimate happiness and harmony. They should all be thrown into the garbage dump of history, and human beings should find a better way to get the world better. Truthfulness, justice and peace, which the New Federal State of China seeks — will undoubtedly become an important force leading a new civilization on the earth and opening a new era of mankind.

Source: Jutland Post

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