Miles Guo: Wuhan coronavirus is from lab per biochem-weapon expert

During Mile Guo’s second live broadcast on Saturday, he disclosed that the most famous biochemical weapon expert in the world told him that the Wuhan coronavirus came from the Wuhan Lab.

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is out of control in China putting many cities under lockdown. The Chinese Communist Party provided misleading information online by showing bat-eating videos.

Without disclosing his name, Miles Guo said a world-leading expert in the field of biochemical weapon, who is also the earliest creator of such weapons, confirmed with 100% certainty that Wuhan coronavirus is not from animals or nature but a lab in Wuhan.

Miles Guo’s explanations of the Chinese Communist Party’s intention to unleash the virus

The original plan was a limited and controllable viral attack to kill people in the city of Wuhan and Hong Kong with precision strike but somehow got out-of-hand due to sabotage or human error.

Based on the intelligence gathered so far, Miles Guo explained that the original goal was to use the virus to infect selective people in Hong Kong, so that the Chinese Communist Party could use it as an excuse to impose martial law there and ultimately crush the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. But it backfired terribly.

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2 years ago

Mr Miles has stated “No thank you.” To offers of financial aid from US bc it will be interpreted as political and not reach its proper destination-the suffering people of China. I have read and watched many videos on this tragedy but not one mention of the POWER OF PRAYER. I call all believers world-wide to PRAY, (and FAST if you can) for these suffering people! Pray that God’s Chinese children will be brave and go out to tell those who are afflicted and dying that while we were DEAD in our sins, Jesus made us ALIVE and has given… Read more »