[Video] The CCP’s BeiDou Navigation System Killed Truck Driver Who Stressed under Overcharged Fine

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【Video Script】

Recently, a media reported that a truck driver was fined 2,000 yuan and his truck was detained as well when he was passing a speeding checkpoint in Fengrun District because his BeiDou* Navigation system terminal was detected off-line.

*BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is a Chinese satellite navigation system enforced by the CCP government.

The driver died of suicide after taking pesticide. Truck Driver’s voice on the video: Brothers and sisters, I’m leaving. This is the last time I see you. Goodbye, comrades. Goodbye!

Driver Jin left his final words by Wechat messages before his death:

Hello truckers across the country, when you read this message, it is about six hours to my death. I am not saying that my life doesn’t worth 2,000 dollars, but I hope to speak up all the truck drivers by this means.

First, I would like to introduce myself, Jin Deqiang, 51 years old. I have been working as a truck driver for 10 years. It is not a High-Paying job, even worse that it impacted my physical health. I had to keep on working, even if I have high blood pressure, high blood Cholesterol, high blood sugar and heart disease.

Today, I was detained at a speeding checkpoint in Fengrun District because the vehicle’s BeiDou Navigation satellite system terminal was detected off-line, and I was fined 2,000 yuan. I am really confused how could I know as a truck driver?

I feel that I wouldn’t live that long anyway, so I hope to wake up the leaders’ awareness of this matter by my death.

The most person I feel guilty for because of my death is my elderly mother. My father died when I was nine years old. My brother was only 12 years old. It was my mother who took my pains to raise us up. It was so tough for her.

I am so done with life, it’s so meaningless. I will die sooner or later; its’ just a few years earlier than it would have been. . . . . . Farewell! My boy and my girl. After I die, please take good care of your grandma and mother. Boy, be good to your sister. Don’t be overly sad after I leave. . . . . .

This is what happened with him:

On April 6, 《the Beijing News 》reported that a truck driver surnamed Jin died after taking pesticide at a speeding checkpoint in Jiangjiaying, Fengrun District, because he refused to pay the penalty for traffic violation.

“Emergency call” from the Fengrun District Traffic Bureau integrated law enforcement brigade learned that a driver died in the station on the same day. Family members told “Emergency Call “that Jin had recorded a video saying he was fined 2,000 yuan because his Beidou Navigation satellite system terminal was detected off-line.

Jin: Hi, how do I handle this?

Station Staff: What’s wrong with you?

Jin: BeDdou terminal is offline, could you do me a favor?

Station Staff: BeiDou Navigation System offline, 2,000 yuan fine.

According to <the Measures for Dynamic Supervision and Administration of Road Transport Vehicles>, before leaving the factory, heavy trucks shall be equipped with satellite positioning devices conforming to standards and connected to the national public supervision and service platform for road freight vehicles.

“Where the operation of the transport vehicles cannot be maintained online due to the failure of the satellite positioning devices, the road administrative departments shall order corrections. If he refuses to correct, he will be fined 800 yuan.”

On April 5 afternoon, after refusing to obey the punishment of speeding checkpoint, Jin killed himself by taking pesticide after sending last words to relatives and friends.

Mr. Liu, a friend of Jin, said Jin did not know why the Beidou system went offline before poisoning himself. He went on: “There is a Beidou Navigation system terminal on our car, and Jin said he couldn’t get on it. Then he got caught at a speeding checkpoint. He said, the Beidou satellite system terminal offline, there was no overdue fee, no one can figure out what happened with this communications device. The system is down, and you can’t even connect to the Internet. Even if the satellite system is down, there should not be a 2,000 yuan fine.

He has not even earned 5000 yuan by transporting equipment and rolled steel since the Spring Festival. He couldn’t take it.

Jin’s son said that his father, who has been a truck driver for 10 years, is in poor health and financial condition. The father called and said, “You take care of your grandmother and your two sisters while I am away.”
Dad should be “under too much pressure”.

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