GTV Real Life Story: Interview with Mr. Lude (二)

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On March 27, the second episode of GTV Real Life was aired, and Martha and Long Island co-hosted an interview with Mr. Lude. The relaxed atmosphere, heartfelt communication, and vivid descriptions uncovered a different facet of Mr. Lude.

Q7: When did you become a Christian and what inspiration and impact has faith brought to your daily life, the Whistleblowers Movement and your career?

Lude: First of all, faith and religion have nothing to do with it. Faith is to restrain one’s behavior, not to be a demand to others. Faith is that even if you haven’t seen it, you will believe it exists. True faith does not come by words, but by actions, and it is very natural to walk this path. Faith is when you make a decision, knowing that it is righteous to do, knowing that it will harm yourself and you still do it. For example, the decision on January 19, I instinctively decided to place confidence in Dr. Yan based on justice and conscience. In the Age of Discovery, Columbus firmly believed in God’s approval of his choices and decisions, and relied on the faith to support his discovery of the New World on a lost sea.

No matter how many villains you encounter, you will not change your beliefs because of these people. Believing that what you are doing is true goodness, is the way of heaven, is the will of God, is in line with the laws of nature, and is in line with the trend of human civilization moving forward. Never be harmful to others, never harm others for yourself, in the spirit of altruism.

To be close to God is to believe in freedom, equality, and human rights. The Old Testament speaks of free will plus practice and keeping the covenant

The New Testament talks about equality and love. The United States puts human rights in it, which is closer to the nature and the best civilization available. The Chinese culture produces a civilization in which kindness, justice, good manners, wisdom and honesty is a tool.

The Chinese Communist Party’s morality does not bind itself, but demands others’, forming moral condemnation and judgment, using the moral discourse to become a tool to brutalize others.

Question 8: The explosive revolution has revealed that many big shots have been removed from the explosive revolutionary team. The most obvious and well-informed is the Nine Fingers Demon. Mr. Lude’s name was actually kidnapped at the Phoenix Farm.

The Whistleblowers Movement, one after another exposed a lot of heavy hitters, whom were removed from the Movement. The most obvious and most understood is the Nine Finger Demon (Sara), Mr. Lude’s name was actually bundled by her in the Phoenix farm.

Mr. Lude did not have much time to work on it, however devotion to righteousness, he exposed her.

Mr. Lude, you have certainly changed your understanding of Nine finger Demon, Sara, from the past to the present, how did you come out of this change?

Lude: Sara has been following Mr. Guo on the Whistleblowers Movement since 2017, but in fact, I don’t interact with Sara so much.

More than anything, she kept saying “Lude and I stand together”.

I started my show with VOG in 2018, but the more I interacted the more I felt something was wrong. My values are incompatible with Sara’s. At that time, I was also connected to the Beijing girl chat room at that time, after which Sara was ready to brand me as a secret agent, saying that Lude carry personal interest secretly to earn advertising commission.

But at that time, we pursued the same goal of bringing down the Communist State together. Everyone’s character is different, we seek common ground while shelving differences

At the beginning of this year, the Phoenix Farm episode came to light. Originally, it was supposed to be me who was going to quit and let Sara quit too, and not to disband the farm. Yet she disbanded the farm and vowed that VOG supported the Whistleblowers Movement. With a communist mindset, she treated her comrades as a personal resource

She thought that she could transcend the poisonous tumor of the Communist Party by believing in Christ. In fact, we can’t abandon all the cancerous doctrine of the Communist State. We need soul-searching and introspection every day.

She was slowly influenced by the people around her and slowly went down into a vicious circle. Sara has always felt that she was right and has been immersed in evil. I see that Mr. Wen Gui is very wise in handling this matter, within the regulations of American, such as public opinion and the rule of law.

This incident also has the Chinese Communist Party messing with it, at the same time showed every Farm that if anyone treating the Farm as a personal resource, it would eventually be cleared by theWhistleblowers Movement.

Long Island: In any Farm, whether it is the appointed leader, management team, or a senior member in the Whistleblowers Movement, nobody can take the resource interests of our comrades-in-arms as theirs. This is all part of the Whistleblowers Movement, and the Farm and all the interests belong to everyone. In the Whistleblowers Movement, we have also learned a lot and grown a lot, thanks to Mr. Wen Gui’s guidance for the Whistleblowers Movement, and conveyed a lot of information and confidence in the process.

Question 9: In the process of following the Whistleblowers Movement, you have more contact with Mr. Wengui. Have you found any changes in Mr. Wengui in the past four years?

Lude: The first time I met Mr. Guo was on October 4, 2017. For me, first, I never expected anyone to be a perfect person. If you pursue a perfect person, this is your failure. Second, I don’t ask anyone to be a saint, just to know whether he can be better than I in a key place and I can learn from there.

Mr. Wengui has the courage and the spirit of fighting to the end. He has a unique vision and is very impressive. He raised his arm in year 2017 and called for action against Chinese Communist was stunning.  By now it proves many of the things he said. He was able to refrain from colluding with the Chinese Communist Party, and he was able to stand up and see the world’s big picture, which no one can match.

G series, although some products are not perfect, he saw clearly from this point. What to do after the destruction of CCP? The required team to run and operating capital are in place. The future is promising. He brought out the concept of digital currency is an advanced generous concept. Digital currency is actually a brick thrown out by Mr. Wen Gui, to attracts a jade in the ecosphere to dismantle the Communist Party. He dares to think and moot the idea. Mr. Wen Gui’s spirit to fight to the end will finally materialize the idea of G-Coin and G-dollar which is unprecedented.

Martha: Thank you, Lude. Because of time constraints, there are many questions have not been raised. Today’s episode talks a lot about music, sports, family life, faith and so on. Today Lude has not given full expression to his views, and I hope to invite Mr. Lude to come next time. The next guest is Lao Banzhang, the chairman of the Himalayan Farm Global Alliance. Everyone, Let’s look forward to it.

The above is the main content of the episode. We hope to bring pleasure and sensible thinking to everyone.

Every day I examine myself once and again: Have I tried my utmost to help others? Have I been honest to my friends? Have I diligently reviewed the instructions from the Master?

We might to spend the whole lift time to get rid of the thoughts of poison by the CCP. As Mr. Lude said, our faith and pursuit are not expressions of words, but more should be reflected in deeds and actions.

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