GTV Real Life Story: Interview with Mr. Lude (一)

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GTV real life story, familiar faces, fresh topics, exciting collisions, old friends, new acquaintances.

On March 27, the second episode of GTV Real Life was aired, and Martha and Long Island co-hosted an interview with Mr. Lude. The relaxed atmosphere, heartfelt communication, and vivid descriptions uncovered a different facet of Mr. Lude.

On the road to end the Communist Party, Mr. Lude was a pioneering figure, one of the initiators of the Whistleblowers Movement. In the process of the revolution and the development of the New Federal State of China, we have seen Mr. Lude’s persistence, witnessed Mr. Lude’s transformation, spirit to trim his weight, and at the same time the heavyweight messages he delivered and verified. Standing in the future and talking about history is the iconic phrase of Lude Media, and today our show will reveal a real and vibrant Lude.

I believe that today’s interview will give our comrade in arm a lot of inspiration. The following is a transcript of the issues mentioned in today’s interview. I hope it will enable more comrades and compatriots to understand the Chinese Communist Party’s brainwashing and harm to us from a different perspective and bring more thoughtful collisions through Mr. Lude’s perspective. The author guesses that many comrades are interested in Mr. Lude’s fitness methods, and this part is also recorded in detail.

Question 1: What’s the difference between Lude on the show and in life?

Lude: First of all, Lude Media presents two live broadcasts a day and is an instantaneous self-presentation show, unlike CCTV, which has a playwright-director and a copywriter to lead. People show themselves through their thoughts, behaviors, habits, and social interactions. I’m working with a legion of distinguished doctors to express and convey my outlook on life, values, and worldview through an original way – the way of current affairs

And our usual sources of information are Mr. Miles Guo, Dr. Yan, Mr. Hao Haidong, our comrade in arms, like Long Island and Martha, and also through social interaction, religious body, churches, and so on. We absorb and digest these nutrients, and finally dedicate and present them to the audience. All this refers to current affairs, the aim is to bring down the Chinese Communist Party. The fulcrum to rely on is to manage different sensitivities, leverages on Whistleblowers Movement and the New federal State of China. This whole guiding thought is the reason why the shows have been continuous and lasting.

I have a very narrow social acquaintance. Most of the people I interact with are the comrades of the Whistleblowers Movement. I supplement it with more in-depth thinking. One of the reasons why I didn’t respond to our comrade’s message was that I didn’t see it on time and second is some opinion that we do not share the common cognitive understanding.

A video of Lude playing the guitar was shown, and you can see that Lude is a big fan of the metal band, Dream Theater. He uses the Ernie Ball Music Man, John Petrucci’s signature model JP15 6 electric guitar that comes with a pair of DiMarzio Illuminator bridge humbucking pickups that provide a warm, clarity and presence tone.

Lude has delicate skill in guitar riffs and chords, accurate string pushing, and rich musical details. A difficult guitar speed playing, sweeping arpeggio shows Lude’s solid basic skills and technique. He is the most “heavyweight” media professional in the field guitarist, and the best guitar player in the media circle. I remember that Lude is also very good at playing Blues, and he is a guitarist who is involved in many styles of playing.

Question 2: Lude used to spend some time playing the guitar from time to time, but since the release of Mr. Miles Guo song’s, Lude doesn’t play the guitar much anymore. Are you little deprecating in the face of Mr. Guo’s musical talent? (Laughter)

Lude: Haha yeah! The important reason is the acoustic issues of the guitar recordings are not solved, and the real tone of the guitar during live streaming cannot be transmitted. There are many stages of playing music, the earliest is the basic skills stage, the second stage is imitation, and the next is playing your stuff -playing some riffs.

The problem that bothers me is that the melody of my brain is occupied by the doctrine of the CCP. every time I hum a song, I can’t get away from the framework of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Unity is Strength” melody, which is one of the reasons I hate the most.

The second is to cultivate one’s moral character from habits, from daily behavior. People who grow up under the Chinese Communist system must be tasted what is bitter to know what is sweet, otherwise, they cannot smell the fragrance of freedom in America. So, I don’t play now (in front of the public), and when I do one day (completely shed the communist poison), I don’t know if there will ever be such a day, but I believe that one day, when I play again, it’s not about skill, it’s about really expressing myself.

Through 4 years of training, I am now able to express myself smoothly and appropriately in the show and to resonate with others, conveying many messages in the process of expression. Music is also a form of expression, a more advanced form of expression, language has limitations, music has no limitations, such as Beethoven’s music. The pursuit of the musical realm will be a distraction for the time being, and I will pursue the expression of the show first.

Question 3: We still can’t get rid of the thoughts of poison by the Communist Party since childhood, which in turn reflects the role and value of the music proposed by Mr. Guo to eliminate the Communist Party and the blow to the Chinese Communist Party. There are also many music channels on the GTV platform, and what role do you have in understanding of destroying the Communist Party with music proposed by Mr. Miles Guo, and what role does music play in it?

Lude: All of the CCP’s music seems to be packaged very casually and seems to encompass a wide variety of music, but at the core of this music is brainwashing music. The core of brainwashing music is that the CCP only lets you sing what is allowed. The core of the music of the Communist Party is that any song can be sung, a free song, free not in the lyrics, but the form of the music is more important.

Music to exterminate the Communist Party is first of all a soil. Secondly, it must eventually have a form that is displayed. The music of our soil is better than the music displayed on the soil of Communist China. The music of Communist extermination is not reflected in the lyrics, techniques, and types, but the music produced on the soil of Communist extermination is more acceptable to you, and more accepted across borders, languages, and races.

Just like American music is sought after all over the world it is the music that resonates with the world that causes people to spread, the music produced by American soil is free and does not need to use the inherent thinking of which country and win the welcome. This is very difficult to do, however, we just follow the path, give our best each day, adhere to the faith, step by step, it is possible to succeed.

Language can be easily manipulated, but not resonant music. Music produced in a Communist environment is hard to resonate in other countries. Music has the advantage of free expression and unrestricted thought. I only represent my opinion. Hopefully such music will be truly everywhere.

Question 4: Mr. Lude also has a label as a fitness expert, now and he has lost 21 kg through physical exercise. We like Lude to share with us how he loses weight? Is there any detailed plan? Is the initiative to shave weight a suggestion by Qi Ge or yourself? Do you have any other fitness activities in addition to fitness in the gym?

Lude: Before I was 107kg, now 86kg, the goal is 76kg and body fat percentage to keep within 10%. Before I exercised to keep fit as well. After moving to the East coast (US), and my weight spike due to the pandemic. During the video call with Mr. Guo and Dr. Yan, I received a serious warning from Mr. Guo, that “If you don’t cut your weight, next year’s will be the anniversary of your death”.

After that, I began to plan gradients and steps of the training program. The first step is to restore the state of fitness. I buy a lot of fitness equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells and so on. The second is to have a fitness program, and now the first is to lose weight and gain muscle, through a ketogenic diet with fasting. Ketogenic is fat plus protein, the amount of fat in more than 60%, not trans-fat but un-saturated fat, such as dried fruit, beef, salmon and cheese, and so on. It can lose more than 5 kg of weight in 10 days. But when the fat loss at the bottleneck, there is a need to work out, starting with cardio, but cardio will lose muscle, and full anaerobic fitness will be required.

Recovering weight training, such as weightlifting, needs to be accompanied by nutritional therapy, Carbohydro-cycling diet and fasting. That is, 4 out of 5 days are of low carbon diet and 1 day is high. Too low carbon levels can also lead to muscle loss. Fasting according to 18/6, that is, dine within 6 hours, fast in next 18 hours. Lunch at 2:30 pm the first day, and breakfast at 11:00 am the next day. After finishing the live broadcast, exercise to reduce fat on an empty stomach between 10:30 and 11:30 in the morning, and then supplement with protein, such as eggs, low-carbon oats, chicken, etc., again have salad with beef at 2pm. This way, fat loss is fast and muscle maintenance is also maintained. Persevere every day, arch one soldier every day.

This way to lose fat quickly also can maintain muscle. Stick to it every day, the smaller the progress will have value.

Do four groups of muscle training exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

1. The first group, warmup on dumbbell bench press workout (10-20 sets), 100 sit-ups in 5 different positions similar to HIIT.

2. The second group, do dumbbell bench press workout with extra weight (8-9 sets), do abdominal muscles exercise (50 sets), pull horizontal bars and get up with both legs.

3. The third group, weightlifting exercises, with progressive weight increase (2-3 reps). Large weights with fewer reps plus decreasing groups.  Add dumbbells with HIIT, and then do abdominal muscles exercise (800 sets per day).

4.The fourth group, weightlifting exercise with progressive weight decrease. Adds dumbbell with 100 sets sit-ups, keeping at one position for 45 minutes a day and repeat for every 15 days.

It has been 4-5 months. I don’t do it at night. It loses muscles and will very tired. I only do it during the day.

Question 5: Sports, like the Whistleblowers Movement, requires persistence, stamina, skill and technique. Mr. Lude will you share the perception between the relationship of fitness training and the Whistleblowers Movement?

Lude : Mr. Wen Gui is nicknamed the “North American fitness coach” in China. In 2017, the most famous one in China was “Have you been working out today”. The Whistleblowers Movement, like fitness training, is a daily task, and we make progress every day. If you don’t realize it on that day, you will see a lot of results in a few months, and will be ahead of others (people who do not train physically or not following the Whistleblowers Movement).

Mr. Wen Gui’s slogan, “have you work out today”, In fact, it means that if you keep moving forward in this path, you will definitely succeed in taking down the Communist Party and reaching the other side of life and the end of communism. Fitness training does not require talent and requirements. It only needs to stick to it every day to move forward. When there is an effect, the same goes for the elimination of the Communist state, the most benefitted is ourself. Fitness is comfortable for ourself, and extinction of communism, is also secured for ourself, so that the mind and consciousness can be free. Fitness does not need to prove to anyone like destroying the Communist Party, because when you walk on the way, others will see it that you are reborn to great extent. 

Martha: Whistleblowers Movement can make people fit and build their minds. Lude persistently broadcasts two episodes on time every day, and not able to spends more time with his family. Mr. Guo also said that you could get to this day greatly because you have a sensible wife. Do you have anything to say to your wife through this platform?

Lude: I’d like to thank my wife for the continuous support, so that I don’t have to trouble back home. My wife views Mr. Wen Gui more positively than me, and is especially happy to see Dr. Yan on Fox News.

Long Island: My wife is also supportive so I can get what I have today. On the way to bringing down the Communist Party, the first thing I face is the support of my family, children and others. The support of the family is my greatest strength.

To be continue….

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