CCP Psychopaths Are At It Again

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Tyler Durden, writing for ZeroHedge[1], reports that the Global Times published a Friday article which sounded like the school yard bully throwing sand in the proverbial school weakling’s eyes. The weakling being Taiwan, and the sand being a puerile comment that “you won’t stand a chance if we decide to invade you”. Behavior worthy of an aspiring world power, wouldn’t you say?


The article continues by attacking pro-independence campaigners – rhetoric which simply indicates that the CCP has not infiltrated the island NATION sufficiently to wield full control – yet. Hilariously, the article written by the Global Times defense analyst Liu Xuanzun, states that Beijing now “has no choice” but to enter a state of “enhanced preparedness”. Does Mr. Liu have any understanding of how callow that sounds? Like a child, not in control of its impulses, the CCP is compelled by the school weakling to take to arms? Again, behavior worthy of a world power. Right?

Apparently, the US Navy is the one provoking tension by sailing their naval ships through international waters, or waters within the 200 nautical mile EEZ (exclusive economic zone) of nations in the region, as stipulated by UNCLOS (United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea – 1994). Is it possible the cause of the tension is really the fact that the CCP gave all the nations surrounding the South China Sea the middle finger when they claimed 90% of said Sea in contravention of the UNCLOS? Just saying.


The article talks of “Taiwan secessionists’ hype of PLA threats”. Is it hype? Are Taiwanese fears unfounded? Well, for anybody who still thinks so, look at Hong Kong. There, freedom and democracy, and the wishes of the people, were smashed in short order by the CCP thugs without the slightest hesitation. This is the legacy of the CCP. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, unless you get off the couch, turn off the TV and start resisting.

Think you are immune in the west? I’ve got news for you. CCP operatives are already in all western countries, including Europe, Canada, and most especially in the US. And, PS, the CCP-virus did not naturally become as perfectly adapted to humans and as virulent as it is. It was a result of a biological weapons program in the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology). Is it any wonder HK and Taiwan would prefer to stay independent rather than joining a psychopath terrorist gang like the CCP? 

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For all you westerners who still doubt the CCP’s plans, read this:

This friendly fellow is a General in the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) and a former Defense Minister. He was the psychopath who pushed for the PLA’s biological weapons program – which is in contravention of the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention – 1975), and to which the CCP is a signatory. But signing International treaties has never prevented the CCP from ignoring them. In fact, that is standard procedure for them.

[1] “China in New Threat To Taiwan: “Island’s Military Won’t Stand A Chance””, Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, April 9, 2021

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1 month ago

With the winter Olympics more likely to the boycotted due to the Genocide and Crimes against Humanity designations, the CCP is vey likely to speed up planning for the invasion of Taiwan. Is the world ready? Last stand for freedom. This is a hill (Island) worth dying for.