Episode 1: Awaking Chinese Netizens

Author: Daniel+Wenzi

Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was one of the people who learned of the hidden truth before the CCP announced the epidemic. For the safety of his colleagues, he informed them about the situation, but this behavior was characterized as spreading rumors by the Chinese government and he was also sentenced to jail for this.

The following remarks showed the people’s dissatisfaction and anger in the government’s inaction and abuse of power after learning the truth:

For more than 70 years, the CCP has exploited loopholes in the social system and weaknesses in human nature, weaving countless political lies and near-realistic performances, using unscrupulous and deceitful means to steal and rob people of their wealth, and making the people poor, weak, ignorant, indifferent, and loss of conscientious and faith. Under the CCP’s long-term indoctrination and the control of the free will, everybody has become a walking dead and a slaughtered pig or dog. Utilizing the wealth accumulated over the years, the CCP has built its extremely cruel and hooligan-type violent institutions, which confuses people, deceives trust, and intimidates the good people, making them the loyal running dogs and the slaves who recognize only money as fathers without any shame.

Compared with foreign fake media, China’s domestic conscience media are far fewer. The CCP resort to every conceivable means to control its propaganda. The coverage of control is pervasive and its influence in public media exceeds people’s imagination. Not only NetEase, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, etc. are official media, but also they have either a government or military background. Even social media such as WeChat and Weibo are also duplicitous and full of control. Under the temptation and drive of money, countless bloggers and wumao obey the command of the Chinese Communist Party and deliberately confuse right and wrong to mislead the public. Because of the threat of CCP’s power and the temptation of money, they choose to abandon consciences, stand with evil, distort the truth, and be enemies of justice and goodness. The CCP takes the advantages of big data analysis and artificial intelligence to filter and block all comments and news that are not conducive to the rule of the CCP, and they also crackdown on all political, religious, and cultural dissidents who run counter to its dictatorship.
In this epidemic battle that concerns the fate of human beings worldwide, the Chinese Communist Party blocked the real news in Internet media and resorted to every means to crack down on conscientious intellectuals and journalists who exposed the truth. Moreover, the CCP deliberately conceals the truth, distorting the source of the epidemic and its spreading progress, and relies on the approach of so-called propagating positive energy content to dilute the severity of the epidemic and distract the masses. The Chinese Communist Party has severely suppressed and cracked down on the comments made by the people against the CCP ’s epidemic prevention and control measures, the shortcomings of health facilities, and the abuse of medical resources. This shows its crimes against humanity and ulterior motives.
As Mr. Guo Wengui described in the Bannon’s War Room media on February 6, 2020:“ In China, all heroes have the same future. These heroes must die. ”This is the true portrayal of the fate of all the righteous people under the Chinese Communist Party. That is a sad but angry fact.

Nevertheless, in this land of desperate and fear, thousands of Chinese are constantly awakening in this catastrophe, angry against the shameless behavior of the CCP, shouting the rise of conscience and justice, and vowing to rewrite the CCP’s curse and the people’s miserable fate. We are standing up, for our parents and children, the future and freedom!


The whole process of Li Wenliang’s death is as follows:
On December 30, 2019, Li found a patient test report about a kind of SARS-like virus and posted a message in the group to warn colleagues to be careful.
On December 31, 2109, the Health Committee and the Hospital Supervision Section summoned Li and asked him to write “reflection and self-criticism about the spread of misleading information” and pointed out that there would be punishment later on.
On January 3, 2020, the police summoned eight offenders, including Li, and gave them instructions.
On January 10, 2020, Li showed symptoms of pneumonia, and as the condition worsened, Li was sent to the intensive care unit. During this period, a large-scale outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan spread across the country and even spread globally.
On January 28, 2020, under the pressure of public opinion, the Supreme Court of the CCP issued a letter to justify the eight rumors including Li.
On the evening of February 6, 2020, several media people revealed the news of Li’s death. The news caused massive attention and controversy. However, Wuhan Central Hospital later issued a Weibo saying that Li was in critical condition and was still in the rescue. A few hours later, the hospital released the news of Li’s death. Several insiders and doctors disclosed the authorities’ show faced public outrage on social media and the truth that Li had been forced to perform chest compressions and electric shocks for up to three hours.

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Feb. 08, 2020