GTV Real-life Story: Talk with Mr. Lao Banzhang (二)

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

On April 3, GTV Real Life invited the Chairman of the Himalayan Farm Alliance Committee, Mr. Lao Banzhang, to introduce you a man with a touching voice, a sapiential heart, be clear about what to love or hate, and full of lovely humor.

On the way to the Himalayas to the CCP’s Perdition, he protects his comrades. The educational philosophy shared by him will stimulate deep thinking among comrades and bring them new perceptions and perspectives. We are grateful for all that the Whistleblowers Movement and the new Federal State of China have brought to us so that the comrades will be accompanied and grow along the way.

Question 7: Lao Banzhang was the first to bring his child in front of the camera, and usually family members do not appear in front of the camera considering the risks. I’m sure Lao Banzhang must have taken into account various factors and the risks that come with it. Have the children encountered any attacks at school?

Lao Banzhang: I did not bring them to the Whistleblowers Movement. The two of them participate in the live broadcast and I have nothing to do with it. I was not the head of the farm at that time, just listen and watch GTV each day. I promised others if there are over 1000 viewers, I will do a live broadcast. I’m not good at public speaking, just keep my words. After the live broadcast, I went on GTV and was surprised to find my twin daughters on the live stream. It’s not true that they understand the Whistleblowers Movement. Their motivation for live-streaming is that they find the bounty fun and interesting.

I didn’t stop them and I respected their choice. She knocked on my door in one of a night and told me that “Miles left a message for her. She was very excited and told me that “Miles added 2 hours to her time, and also rewarded with a lot of coins”. In fact, Mr. Guo did not know about our relationship, and knew about them first. In fact, no one knew about me. After becoming the head of the farm, many people called me “the father of the twins”.

After they engaged GTV, they performed on their own and watched the others, and learned about the Whistleblowers Movement by watching their comrades on the live stream. I listened to the Whistleblowers Movement with earphones, so it wasn’t me who influenced them, but they knew what I was doing, They, quietly involved in GTV and got registered. They managed to attract 1,000 followers through their effort.

There is absolutely no pressure on them at school. First of all, New Zealand is a civilized country, everyone has the right to express all their wishes and political tendencies freely, it is an extremely tolerant and free society, there is no such thing as barbarism. Anyone who tries to jump out and attack others is foolish and reckless.

Long Island: My kids behave the same way. When I asked them if they were afraid, they said, “Our photos are for others to see, and we are not ugly. Children think differently than adults, they don’t worry and are not afraid.

Question 8: Let’s talk about the popular G series venture. As a farm leader, I’m sure your thoughts were different when you set up your farm. Could Lao Banzhang share what is the difference between the idea of forming a farm a year ago and the idea of planning and building a farm again today, what are they like?

Lao Banzhang: When I started to build the farm, I formed a WhatsApp group. When it was first announced, many friends started pouring in. I was helpless at the influx, luckily a comrade by the name “A cup of sip “came to my rescue.

The initial building of an entire team relied greatly on this comrade. She made a great contribution.The first step of our idea is to protect our comrades. To ensure my security is not good enough. We make all comrades have a sense of security and a sense of belonging to the formation of action teams according to the area, and be able to mobilize a dozen people to quickly get to the comrades in need.

We also formed two teams of direct contact and well-trained security personnel, in which the comrades are not in the registry of the farm.

After that, we formed a team to provide general services to the comrades in arms. And remaining are formulating a strategy to weaken the communist party and launching the propaganda work. That’s all I thought about the activities of the farm at that time.

About the development of the G series, it is only now that a big concept has been developed. The farm has undergone many developments and enhancements since its inception almost a year ago. Now, besides the basic propaganda of the Whistleblowers Movement, the truth about the virus, the truth about the Hong Kong crisis, the evil of the Communist Party, and other activities to exterminate the Communist Party, building the G series have become one of our most important tasks. Exterminating the Communist Party cannot be lip service, but all comrades must realize the great significance of the establishment of the whole system of G series for our extermination of the Communist Party, the new Chinese Federation, and the establishment of the Himalayan State.

I believe that after these rounds of G series investment and even the whole G series layout and a series of other work, most of the comrades will conclude. Various farm platforms are starting to introduce the development of the G series systematically. In the future, I believe that our farm, in addition to becoming an entity, a dream place, but more importantly, able to make our comrades around the world become richer, able to exert political and economic influence in the area where they stay. With the linking of the whole world of farms together, the virtual state with a complete economic and financial structure and system, that is the Himalayan state in my mind, can be materialized.

Long Island: The current registration of the Alliance Farm Committee is set in New Zealand, not only because Lao Banzhang is the chairman of the committee, but there are also some political considerations. Lao Banzhang in New Zealand has made many aspects of work to ensure the safety of comrades, and the relation to the local government is more harmonious, which is also a multifaceted consideration.

Question 9: Some comrades do not have a clear understanding of G-Club, they think it is a discount card of G-Fashion. Please share your understanding of G-club. What is the difference?

Lao Banzhang: G-club, first of all, represent the identity of the comrades in arms.  There is a difference between the G-club membership purchase by our comrades and the public. The future membership management system has begun to develop, for the entire members of the Himalayan Farm Alliance. This system will also be linked to Gclub, in addition to containing the basic information of members of the global Himalayan Farm Alliance. Secondly, it is not just a discount card. G-Club is an association, a club of investment, and raise funds. In the future, the cards of higher value, such as $100,000, $500,000, million USD may be launched. The service provided to these groups of cardholders will be truly equivalent to the treatment of VIP, with the opportunity to enter the social venues and clubs that even not accessible to the rich, and enjoying a unique range of services, such as private jet service, yacht service and so on.

It is likely to be a passport to G series financial services. The G-dollar, G-coin, and G-club will be grafted together again, and soon there will be a G-Pay,

and G-series services will go from inner to outer circulation. With the combination of G-series dual currency (G-dollar and G-Coin) and the development of G-pay, many people will convert their money to G-dollar, as this transfer function is unprecedented in other currencies. The G-reserve will be  G-Coin, a digital currency reserve bank. The traditional reserve banks are policy banks. They are all state banks. Below policy banks are commercial banks, which provide financial services. The first to enjoy the financial services of the G-Reserve are our comrades in arms, the G-club members. With a series of improvements, G-club members will be further upgraded in the future.

Question 10: In the last two shows, we talked about exercise to fitness, exercise to build mental capacity. I see most of your photos and interest are not related to physical training. What do you want to share about Mr. Guo’s idea of fitness?

Lao Ban Chang: Occasionally I go to the gym to exercise, but have not stuck to it. Since working at the Alliance, there has been little time to do fitness training and also, I have been lazy, When there is time, I go to rest. I sleep at the fragmented intermittent moment. I play badminton occasionally, try to get good at golf, really have no talent, and finally, have no confidence. I like to travel, photography and hiking

Question 11: Lao Banzhang has a car at home. He drives on the road and the car often suddenly stops by itself. What is going on?

Lao Banzhang: My car suddenly lost power as many as 3 times while I was driving. The WIFI is being attacked and it was the work of the Chinese communist party. Their interference on us never ends. That is a so-called government of a great power that does all the shameful things under the table. Recently New Zealand caught a serial crook named Wang Jingyu (Huang School Jie) compared to the nine-fingered demon, Sara, and his accomplice, named Wu Huan. When liars join the crooks on the show, is just like birds of the same feather flock together, I categorize them as garbage. Sadly, so many of our comrades were duped by such a vulgar charlatan. We need to have basic common sense and basic judgment, if we can’t find a farm to join, if we can’t find the person in charge of the farm and the alliance member, please don’t get into a monetary relationship with anyone easily. Anyone who discourages you from joining a Farm prevents you from joining a Farm, and intimidates you from communicating with the Farm Alliance must have an ulterior motive. Please reframe from having any monetary relationship with such people, not only you could lose money, but you could even risk your life. Imagine what the nine-fingered demon has done to our comrades in arms.

Both the investment activities of the new GTV and the virtual currency, G-coins we look for genuine comrades to cooperate in the world.

All investments held on behalf of others must provide the beneficiary’s real name, contact information, and address.The Alliance will certainly match and confirm the proof of remittance, With providing such correspondence, the investment is impossible to achieve. If you refuse to provide the details, the Alliance will refuse to accept the investment. All comrades in arms who want to invest must join a Farm, and do not accept investments led by others. If you feel the proxy holders mystify the investment process, please report to the Alliance Committee.

Question 12: Lao Banzhang announced to the Chat group that we, the Farm Alliance sent a complaint to SEC about GTV being investigated by them for illegal and unwarranted things. What else Lao Banzhang thinks GTV’s investors can do?

Lao Banzhang: As an investor of GTV, you should know that our past investment activities were terminated by the SEC. the SEC should protect the interests of investors, and all of us investors grieve because we lose the opportunity for this investment. There has never been such an investment opportunity in the world, and investors still have the option to take their money back. GTV has never used a single penny of investment from our comrades when it was set up and operated. In such a situation, the SEC should make a clear decision, that it was a mistake to intervene in the investigation, and the investors’ interests should be reinstated. However, the SEC is still making up all kinds of reasons to keep pestering, while the SEC is not investigating companies like Alibaba and Tencent, which have a Chinese Communist military background and are harming U.S. interests.

We must ask why this is so? Is it that someone inside the SEC has been controlled and bribed through sex and money by the Communist Party? We think there is a vicious hand of the Communist Party manipulating and taking control. So, all investing comrades, especially those in the U.S., have this right to call the SEC and report, make the reporting a daily event.  As the head of the Alliance Committee, we understand that many American comrades are so angry that they will take legal action and go to the SEC’s headquarters in Washington on Monday to protest, and we fully agree and appreciate that the righteous voice of investors should be raised to express their dissatisfaction and even take legal action.

Question 13: What is your understanding of Mr. Guo and what do you want to say to Mr. Guo?

Lao Banzhang: Mr. Guo is an incredible person. I think Mr. Guo comes from another world of a different dimension. Whether in realm, insight, experience, ability, understanding, action, execution, all far more than a normal person, or all of us combined. I have never seen a person like him, who can communicate with the people at the lowest level to the highest level, who insists on his ideas, never compromises, and yet wins the respect of the world. I don’t think there is such a second person in the whole of China, or even in the whole of Asia. I want to say to him, “All of us are honored that such a man exists and that we can fight with him.  It’s enough to be with him in my lifetime.

Long Island: We continue to fight together, and it’s an honor to have Lao Banzhang with us to chat with.

Masha: Thank you, Lao Banzhang.

He has not given full expression of his views yet. I hope we can invite him again next time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join the show. Our guests in the next episode will be good-natured, beautiful, and kind-hearted Madame —-An Hong.

The above is the main content of the episode. The show means to be light-hearted and enjoyable, but not without vigilant. At times it is like coming to the Q&A site of the Alliance Committee. We hope that the comrades in arms will gain something from the show. We like to convey our gratitude towards our hard-working comrades and those who are on the front line against the Communist party. We will support each other to take down the Communist Party and build the New Federal State of China together.

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