GTV Real-life Story: Talk with Mr. Lao Banzhang (一)

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

On April 3, GTV Real Life invited the Chairman of the Himalayan Farm Alliance Committee, Mr. Lao Banzhang, to introduce you a man with a touching voice, a sapiential heart, be clear about what to love or hate, and full of lovely humor.

On the way to the Himalayas to the CCP’s Perdition, he protects his comrades. The educational philosophy shared by him will stimulate deep thinking among comrades and bring them new perceptions and perspectives. We are grateful for all that the Whistleblowers Movement and the new Federal State of China have brought to us so that the comrades will be accompanied and grow along the way.

Question 1: Why you make your nickname Lao Banzhang (old guard leader) in the first place? Is there something special about your experience, or experienced in the army? Or is it any special background of the name?

Lao Banzhang: The ultimate truth shall be of ultimate simplicity. My background is too straightforward. Simplicity itself is not simple. The highest official rank in my 50 years of life until now is the class leader (class monitor or Banzhang in Mandarin ). As I grew older, I became an old class leader (Lao Banzhang). Becoming a squad leader of our comrades in arms is like being the class monitor with my former school classmates.  This is the happiest time I have ever been.

Martha: I heard that Lao Banzhang’s family used to be a big landlord, does it have anything to do with the name?

Lao Banzhang: Yes, we were a big landlord. I only went back to the previous home where we used to be a big landowner for the first time in 2008, and also found the son of the senior long-time hired hand who used to grow up with my grandparents. I went to see him. He lay sprawled on the bed. The living environment was very poor. He said life was worse than when he used to work for my grandfather’s.

The Chinese Communist Party rules China for more than 70 years, their lives are getting worse and worse. Since then, I send him some living thing every year, that’s the relationship between the descendants of landlords and the long-term hired hands.

In that place, every piece of land, mountains, forests were once owned by our family, including the land of government offices right now. It is uncertain destiny for good or bad if the second and third generations were still there without leaving. The houses and forts that were once there have been razed to the ground and things have changed.

As a descendant of a landlord, I have received no benefit at all. If our new Federal state gets rid of the CCP, we may still be able to get back our land according to the law.

Question 2: Since the establishment of the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China, many followers turn up to be brave comrades, but also many hypocrites and scum, especially the nine-fingered demon (Wei Lihong) and Hou Xiaobao and many other black sheep. This series of events is managed by the Alliance Committee, Lao Banzhang, and brother Long Island. In the process of handling Hou Xiaobao from Taiwan, VOG, and Phoenix Farm incidents, what are your feelings? Would you like to share with your comrades?

Lao Banzhang: Since having an alliance committee, I am honored to work with all the members. I am grateful to have a teammate like Long Island, comfortable to work with him, we have a smooth relationship with the same world view and same view of life.

Then we have accordant judgment and solution direction. Our judgment of Wei Lihong, the nine-fingered demon has reached such a tacit understanding. Her damage to the Whistleblowers Movement is more than ten or even a hundred scums altogether.

Sara (Wei Lihong) once sent an announcement that there was a subsidy for writing G-News articles, which she later deleted. When a comrade asked her about it, she denied it completely. I saw the screenshot of that announcement that our comrade sent me. She is a shameful person. She is a liar. People make mistakes, and there is nothing wrong with admitting them. Many things were confirmed later, “I didn’t know”, “did I, for God’s sake”, there was Sara’s usual colloquial, which was particularly offensive and disgusting.

She recommended Hou Xiaobao, as a member of the Alliance Committee. Hou Xiaobao was very disrespectful to the Alliance Committee with Sara’s backing and repeatedly challenged the Alliance Committee decision. Hou Xiaobao as the head of the Taiwan farm does not even know how many comrades there are on this farm and how to be certified? When asked to report to the Alliance Committee certification procedures and organizational framework structure, he said he did not have one, and even if he did, he would not report it, completely uncooperative with the Alliance committee members, not even basic respect. After this we removed Hou Xiaobao from the alliance committee group, I also said that the people hiding behind Hou Xiaobao to stand up and don’t play tricks.

Sara jumped out and threatened to fight to the death with the Alliance Committee, however, when Mr. Guo severely criticized her, she immediately conceded and admitted her mistake.

Sara sucks, there is no word for it. She spends most of her time talking crap. At that time, I thought that sooner or later we would see her doing the bad things as she is doing now. I did not expect it to come so quickly, directly and suddenly, and just in time, everything is the best arrangement. If Nine-fingered demon, Sara is not exposed, Whistleblowers Movement will not experience such severe scrutiny, the majority of comrades will not under such overwhelming test. This incident has an important and positive impact on us.

Long Island: From the VOG and Phoenix Farm incident, after the nine-finger demon was exposed, I saw a very wise comrade in the message said “originally Lao Banzhang and brother Long Island were to check Hou Xiaobao’s water meter, the results of digging out a drug factory”. This is a graphic metaphor. At that time when we rectify the Taiwan farm, did not expect to found out hiding a nine-finger demo through the Taiwan farm. This was the first time the Alliance Committee took on such a big challenge and dealt with such a wide range of events in a very short period. In addition to Mr. Wengui’s support, Lao Banzhang also worked day and night and is still dealing with follow-up issues. Lao Banzhang is now basically on 24 hours support.

Question 3: Since joining the Whistleblowers Movement, especially after joining the Alliance, what is the impact on your family? Is your family showing support for you?

Lao Banzhang: I once thought of “living a retired life” like Long Island, New Zealand is the dream place I chose for retirement. Everything in my life has extremely changed because of the Whistleblower Movement. A phone call from Qi Ge (Miles Guo), “New Zealand needs to set up a farm, are you willing to come out and be the person in charge?” Although not previously envisioned, but I did not hesitate. I responded, “If not me, who else.” It’s my honor to take this opportunity. Whistleblowers Movement makes my half-century of life feel like a dream, all the past experiences are nothing worth mentioning. I once talked to Haidong and Zhao Ying, the peak of their lives, the highlight of their career as athletes have passed, but it is because of the Whistleblowers Movement, the exciting phase of their lives has just begun. They are involved in the unprecedented move to change the destiny of mankind, from a great athlete into a great character

Martha: That’s a great point, it’s true, everyone including myself has the same feeling as Lao Banzhang. Whatever Qi Ge entrusts, I will go find the best way to do it right. We follow the Whistleblowers Movement, follow Qi Ge to bring down the Chinese Communist Party, as Lao Banzhang said, ” If not me, who else?”. Lao Banzhang has many catching phrases.

Long Island: I’m pretty much the same as Lao Banzhang. We participated in the Whistleblowers Movement for just a few years, learning far more than the past decades of experience. My value and perception have changed completely. This is a re-education process. All these years are not easy, our comrades at the forefront of the battle, face great challenges, especially from the CCP. Although the lots of backstories Lao Banchang did not mention, we all well understood.

Question 4: Lao Banzhang is a little green leaf amid red flowers, surrounded by all women at home. Usually, the status of men in this situation is polarized, either like an emperor, or the status is degraded to a dog. How is your situation?

Lao Banzhang: My family status is like in this order: dog, children, women, me. I have no say in the family, no status. Things such as taking pictures or the twins at home want to buy the same thing, afraid to ask, whisper that “not too afraid, this is Daddy”, that is, the father is no need to worry about. The children are not frightened of me.

My family and my are very supportive. I am very happy and do not feel a trace of pressure. The reason why the secret agents were run and cry for help when they confronted us is that they feel guilty. During the occasion of supporting the Hong Kong democratic movement, Hong Kong students held some solidarity events in Auckland, and those little and old fans of CCP yelled at them, sang their socialist songs with CCP, and marched in goose-step, so crazy that without realizing they are in the foreign country. Evil prevails in the comparison of numbers on both sides. But after the New Zealand farm was established, the situation was immediately reversed, the CCP sympathizers fear us like a mouse met a cat.

We are dignified in New Zealand. We have weekly vehicle parades, offline activities or parties, handing out flyers to promote our influence. We are glad to be able to meet with our comrades in arm often. We are there to show the manner of our farm and the image of the Whistleblowers Movement. We can say that we are occupying the high ground of public opinion and morality in New Zealand. We believe soon the CCP will be like a rat runs across the street, everyone cries.

Martha: Since joining the Whistleblowers Movement, the new Federal State, along with the G series venture, her status in the family has skyrocketed,

Question 5: Lao Banzhang is frank and honest. His hobby is singing. We are well known that his twin daughters are good at sing. The talented children must have talented parents at home. Will you sing us a song? (Laughters)

Lao Banzhang: The difficulty and adversity will stimulate people’s potential of productivities. When they were young, we played a singing game when I was driving. They called me to stop when they detected me sang out of tune. That trained their listening skill. It may be the way to inspire their musical talent. I didn’t prepare for a song today, I will choose a song that you are not familiar with and I hope that no one could detect when I am out of tune later.


Lao Banzhang sings a song from the movie “The Awakening”. (

His voice is decorous and resounding, full of emotion, cause an upsurge in sensation.  You can see that this song arouses his resonance. He sang his heart and our ideals as well as the hope brought to us by the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China.

“Exchange hope for hope, create new ideas with ideals, look forward with confidence, no need to be confused, when the darkness comes to an end, there will be dawn”. It is our ideal to destroy CCP, which is about to collapse, and our New Federal State is leading us to build a new homeland, a new China with democracy, rule of law, freedom, and faith.

Question 6: The twins are also our comrades in arms and support the Whistleblowers Movement. If you argue with the twins at home, will they talk to you in the tone of “you can’t treat me like this” because I am also a comrade?

Lao Banzhang: Yes, they do. I sometimes talked to brother Long Island about some of the issues in the car on the way to drop off the twins. I remember one time when we were talking about the Nine-Finger Demon, they asked, “What’s wrong with Sara”, and I said, “How do you know, why do you ask so much? The twins responded “I am also a comrade in arms”

There are many Chinese students in their school, first of all, I don’t think they are under any pressure. Secondly, one of the Western students has the flag of the New Federal State of China on her computer screen. Many of the local young generations knew about the New Federal State. The influence was more profound than we thought.

Growing up, everyone has acquired a different specialty. It’s just a matter of how that strength can be discovered. On the mainland is no opportunity to discover and give full play to the strengths. CCP’s education is to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward, a model of education for all the grassroots. This is the evilest brainwashing education that destroys a person’s future.

I think talents are nothing to brag about. It’s just that under the CCP model, all these talents are stifled, which is the most significant crime of CCP.

After going abroad and waking up, I know that the CCP’s evil is a 360-degree total erosion of entire nationality, country, and individual. If Chinese people can’t wake up, if they don’t overturn the CCP, the Chinese have no future, no future for the world, and even the whole human race faces a huge existential crisis.

After participating in the Whistleblowers Movement, the greatest reward is to know how evil the Communist Party and realize that we can eliminate the communist state, and I believe this day will come soon.

(To be continue…)

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