Dead: founder of Canada’s P4 Lab, key to Wuhan coronavirus investigation


The sudden death of Canada’s first coronavirus Biosafety Level 4 Lab Director General makes people wonder if Dr. Frank Plummer was assassinated.

Mr. Plummer was the key person to the Wuhan coronavirus investigation because Chinese spies have stolen viruses from this Canadian P4 lab and shipped to China.

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Where you get the information wrt the Chinese spies? Posting some unproven news without any brain? So you think Chinese spies get the virus to have population control or what? Can you at least follow some simple logic instead of reporting for the sake of reporting.


there is currently no proof that Prof. Plummer’s death was related to any forms of assassination. he always has an alcohol problem, and was under treatment for years. he died while in Kenya to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a research collaboration between the University of Manitoba and University of Nairobi, reportedly of a heart attack.


OMG, alcohol problem. Anyone knows anything about CCP knows how well CCP preys on people’s weakness.