In Memory of Dr. Li WenLiang

Dr. Li WenLiang died of 2019-NCOV and passed away at 9:30PM on Feb 6th in Wuhan, leaving his pregnant wife who is also infected, and their 5-yr old son. 

Dr. Li was an Ophthalmologist in Wuhan Central Hospital, On Feb 1st, he was diagnosed with Wuhan Coronavirus. His wife who stays in ICU now, also being seriously infected and under the emergency treatment of EOCM. 

Back in December, Dr Li warned his friends on Wechat about a “SARS” like disease around which was linked to a seafood market in Wuhan, China. 

He told his friends that there were 7 cases of “SARS” diagnosed and the patients were being quarantined in the hospital he worked. 

He was tracked down and arrested by the police criticizing him spreading the “rumors” and threatening him to be punished by law if he continued to do so. 

Li agreed to sign the document admitting to spreading inauthentic statements online about corona virus and severely disrupting social order. He was asked to stop the “illegal” activities.

He was then released home. he told CNN later that he was afraid he would be detained and his family would worry about him. 

Li started coughing on Jan 10th, got a fever on the 11th and was hospitalized on the 12th. He was diagnosed with Wuhan Coronavirus on Feb 1st. 

With the outbreak of Wuhan Coronavirus, the government finally admitted that it is not a rumor that the first eight whistleblowers spread including Li. The whole world is angry. 

The 34-yr old Ophthalmologist has died. But he will encourage millions of Chinese people to fight with the corona virus, and to continue to tell the truth and fight for freedom against the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party.

By:Truth Wins

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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