[Opinion] What Did Those “Friends of Asians” Politicians Really Do To Asians?

Author: MOS Brain Sanitizer

1. The affirmation bill promoted by the Democratic Party hurts Asians.

The Affirmative Action (AA), originated from two executive orders signed by the two Democratic presidents in 1961 and 1965 and was originally designed to eliminate racial discrimination in the employment relationship of government agencies, ability, and evenly distribution of social resources according to race and belief. As far as Asians are concerned, the AA bill is a typical bill that encourages you to waste talent and rely on leaders for everything. Since the racial classification indicators are in the hands of a small number of elites, the scope and industry for implementing AA are also in the hands of a few elites. The Chinese who can be derived from the merit base is restricted because of the unreasonable ratio of indicators. The fair-looking bill has become a tempting dessert that can be seen but not eaten.  Take the scientific and technological fields that Asians are good at as an example. Based on the US 2020 SENSUS,  African American resident population totaled 44.1 million people, about 13%. Asian American resident population totaled 18.1 million people, about 5.4%.   If the high-tech companies follow AA hiring employees by the racial percentage, the US will lose many good intelligent Asians in the high-tech field.

2. The Asian Subdivision Act has intensified people’s concerns about the “specialization” of Chinese people.

This bill, also known as Bill AB1726, was introduced by California Democrats in 2016. The purpose of subdividing Asians is naturally to facilitate the allocation of resources according to more subdivided races. The result of the Subdivision is that the resources reduced unfairly.

3. Behind the High Court’s decision to lose the Student Fair Admissions Organization vs. Harvard University’s admission discrimination case.

Not long ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a judgment that harmed the Asian ethnic group in a comprehensive way. The judgment ignores the factual evidence submitted by the Student Fair Admissions Organization (SFFA) through a large number of investigations over the past three years and believes that Harvard University’s practice of restricting the proportion of Asian enrollment based on race is not intentional racial discrimination. For this ridiculous result, Asians can’t do anything but protest.

Ironically, the same group of elites, leftists leaders who act like “friends of Asians,” supported the AA Act which harms the fair education and working rights of Chinese!

Why do those leftist politicians have two faces? What do they want from us? Did they get it? Yes, that’s simple. They want donations and votes from Asians. But, no more! We need to wide open our eyes and cannot be fooled by leftist mainstream media anymore!

Vote for the justice, fight for the fairness.

Reviewer: Irene

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