[Headline News] Commerce Department Imposed Export Bans on Seven CCP Supercomputing Entities

Author: MOS Billwilliam

In its latest announcement, the US Commerce Department added seven supercomputing entities in Communist China to the Entity List for jeopardizing US national security. Western companies were banned from exporting or transferring US technology to these entities.

The supercomputing entities subject to US sanctions include Tianjin Phytium Information Technology, Shanghai High-Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, Sunway Microelectronics, the National Supercomputing Center Jinan, the National Supercomputing Center Shenzhen, the National Supercomputing Center Wuxi, and the National Supercomputing Center Zhengzhou.

According to the US Commerce Department, these banned entities are involved in building supercomputers for the CCP’s military research or even “weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs.” Lude Media interpreted that the WMD alluded to the CCP’s biological weapon programs. Nuclear weapons were not particularly relevant to this definition because Communist China already possesses nuclear weapons. In this case, weapons of mass destruction mainly refer to biological, chemical, and radioactive weapons — of which only the development of biological weapons requires supercomputing. Chemical or radioactive weapons are too simple to need supercomputing. Lude indicated that supercomputers are used to assist the design of artificial viruses. Simulations can predict the tertiary structures of viral proteins and simulate their functions in the human body.

The Commerce Department’s announcement demonstrated that the US government’s concerns over Communist China’s biological weapon programs. Because of the Whistleblower Movement’s tireless commitment to exposing the origin of the pandemic, western countries are beginning to realize that COVID-19 is a biological weapon created and deliberately released by the CCP. 


Commerce Adds Seven Chinese Supercomputing Entities to Entity List for their Support to China’s Military Modernization, and Other Destabilizing Efforts,” a Press release by the US Department of Commerce, April 8, 2021.

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