CCP Actively Attacking Western Democracies in All Directions

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Reviewing the history of the CCP regime of seventy years, especially the first 30 years, the Chinese is more than suffering – massacre, which has cost more than 60 million lives, and extreme poverty are the themes. In the recent 40 years, the CCP has been up to the so-called economic reform as pretending a harmless lamb to the world, and it has gained massive economic benefits by cheating, stealing, and fraud.

With the exposure, especially in terms of the Whistleblower Movement, of the CCP plots, it is becoming harder and harder for the CCP to cheat economic advantages. However, the political reform, which means forgoing some interests, is foreign to its evil nature.

Meanwhile, the CCP has become much more self-inflated, and it will inevitably conflict the western democracies. Under this condition, CCP, like all other regimes such as Nazi or the Japanese militarism in WW II, is bound to make abrupt and provocative attacks in all directions. Not to mention, the civilized world is in the middle of the crosshair of the CCP.

Firstly, regardless of the countless lives of Chinese Lao-Bai-Xing, the CCP deliberately released the Coronavirus to the world by allowing Wuhanese to travel abroad as they were prohibited for domestic trips. To make matters worse, these people cornered substantial protective supplies around the world.

It is quite clear now that the CCP attacked the world, especially the USA and European countries, with the evil purpose of failing their health system.

Fortunately, we have Dr. Yan Li-meng, who warned the world through Lude Media about the pandemic, and the highly contagious and lab-made virus, on Jan 19, 2020. Though the pandemic is still raging, Dr. Yan’s warning significantly slowed down the development of Covid-19 in the USA and protected the health system from breaking down.

Secondly, the CCP is stirring up troubles everywhere to make the world be in turmoil, whereby the American-led democracies will be kept on the jump. Following are the latest troubles made by the CCP:

  1. The CCP covertly supported the Myanmar military to stage a coup, which will affect all the western investments in Myanmar. Probably, these companies may put pressure on their governments to kowtow to Beijing by the CCP’s will, which means dominating Asia.
  2. Recently, an extra-large cargo ship, EverGreen, blocked the Suez Canal. As we know, the Suez Canal accounts for 15% of global sea transportation. Imaginably, CCP will try its best to choke the river if it clashes with the western globe. Though the ship belongs to a Taiwan company, we should keep in mind that the CCP is good at conducting perfect crime. Is it possible to have someone juggling with the vessel? We have no answer yet. But, according to Miles Guo’s live broadcast, it is most likely that CCP did it on purpose to increase the crude price and mess up the energy supply chain to press the European countries.
  3. Recently, the CCP and Russia are interacting favorably. Putin sent considerable troops to the Russian border near Ukraine. Undoubtedly, it will attract the attention of NATO and the USA. Once the war breaks out, the CCP stands a good chance of attacking Taiwan by surprise. Lately, there are some weird things happened in Taiwan. A train derailed by a truck hitting causing more than 50 deaths and hundreds wounded. The truck was not supposed to work at that time. Why did it happen? Another news is that a dead hog with positive African swine fever, which is first discovered in Taiwan, was found in the seashore near XinBei City. As we know, swine fever has been raging in mainland China for a while, and this dead hog is probably from China. Why and how does it come to Taiwan?
  4. The CCP has been trying hard to use China Yuan to settle oil futures tradings to challenge the US dollars. They also tried it in The Belt and Road Initiative. Di Dongsheng, a CCP brain truster, said in a video that CCP should use the pandemic and The Belt and Road Initiative to harvest the Dollar Hegemony and challenge the world order. As the external pressure is surging, the CCP is certain to speed up its evil deeds to fail and disable the USA and disintegrate the western democracies to fulfill its ruthless ambition of ruling the world.

CCP is the base of all evil forces. To maintain its dictatorship and to realize its dream of dominating the world, the CCP tentacles will reach out in all directions – Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe, and the USA. The CCP continues to live the troubles continue to thrive.

We appeal to the people, who love freedom and democracy, to draw together to confront the CCP devil. No annihilation no peace!

(The above only represents the personal opinion of the author)

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Sorry, 我在1⃣️裡。

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Good article, 請作者有機會的話关系我,行嗎?🙏

1 month ago

Please let us know what the hell the CCP is got going with Whitmer, Mi governor. Shes showering us with Corona again, either that or the vaccine is causing an outbreak. My BS ometer is going of. This is not of natural source.



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