Don’t transfer money in Canada,G-series is the best bay for your fortune

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Now we heard that there were a comrade in Canada

this comrade told me that he had a trouble

 “I probably transferred more than 1 billion US dollars to Canada, ”he said

I told to him that Canada is a place

where transferring money out of is very difficult but transferring in is easy

and I also told him that

Canada would be a far-left nation in the near future

Whoever is still transferring money into Canada, is truly asuper stupid person

Whoever owns huge assets there, is surely a super stupid person

I told these two comrades that I could show you two best examples

The first example is Sir Ka-shing Li (Li Jiacheng), the second is Hung Kuo Group of Taiwan

all these two families have invested huge money in Canada

Their investment has almost diminished to nil,do you know why?

Taxation. Canadian taxation can sentence any investors to death

Canada’s tax agents are more vigorous than the USA’s

Canadian tax agents once made an infamous quote of“fatten -up-pigs-in-ten-years”

It means that you will be a fatten-up big waiting to be slaughtered once you chose to invest in Canada

Recently, I received some data from various Canadianofficial channels that

Tens of billions of US dollars have flooded into Canada in the past a few days

via the format of EDF, but I don’t think it is true

According to my intelligenc that more than 140 billion

 (flooded to Canada) from the People’s Bank of China

All of these 140 billion are private assets

This brings two dangers to these investors. Firstly, they would be troubled by the CCP in Canada, a big trouble

Secondly Canada’s tax agents will come for them and their money will face huge difficulty of departing Canada. Another big trouble.

They must feel like that they have just escaped from the mouth of wolf, but soon entered to the tiger’s den, or firstly have escaped the tiger’s den,and then soon been captured by a wolf.

It’s an absolute problem , brothers and sisters

Where is the best place for money to go to?

It should is a place where you feel safe from the taxation and legal system’s aspects

It should mean that your money should be difficult to be transferred in, but easy to be transferred out .

This place cannot be Canada. That is for sure.

Our Gcoin and Gdollar is the best option in the future

It would be the most convenient digital currency to use for the whole humankind in the future

It will be used in the whole world, if your money can’t used in the whole world

the currency can’t be called as international currency

And your fortunecannot be deemed as safe

So much uncertainties attached to your fortune, thereforeit is actually dead money

To turn dead money into ‘living money’and international fortune

Its circulation should never be blocked under no circumstances

And its safety is built on the foundation of its compliance to laws and regulations

Such currency should be circulated all the time

and be sent to wherever at your wish. Money hold in form of this type of currency can be called as living money

The living money’s value is surelymuch higher than the dead money

The only qualified candidates of such currency in the future are G dollar and Gcoin

20% of Gcoin’s value is backed up by gold reserve

Gdollar’s price is fixed, and it is totally controlled by you forever

With only a fingertip movement, your money can go wherever you want it to beimmediately

You just need to pass the initial KYC process

If your money is clean ,you don’t need to worry about anything

It is the greatest thing of our NFSC!

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Dictation: 作而無作

Translation: 上進哥

Proofreading: 正义的伙伴zero; SugarPup

Video production: 農夫

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