CBN: Communist China Is Developing Biologically Enhanced Super Soldiers

On April 6, 2021, CBN invited China expert Gordon Chang and George Lucas, who taught military ethics to America’s naval officers to comment on biologically enhanced super soldiers known as cyborgs, which are being developed by Communist China. John Ratcliffe, former Director of National Intelligence called this “unethical medical experiments”.

【Editorial】The CCP has terrible track record in research ethics or any ethics, which has been shown by its releasing genetically enhanced, lab-made CCP virus to the world, its recent shameless behaviors at the Strait of Hormuz and Suez Canal, and even earlier, producing genetically altered babies. The CCP has shown to the world that it is nothing but evil. Obviously, in order to serve its goal of ruling the whole world, the CCP is ready to employ any means including developing super soldiers and using them in wars. The U.S. and the West should recognize the evil nature of the CCP, put down their selfishness, stop their interest groups from colluding with the CCP as early as possible, then there might still be hope for this world to survive the current disasters. Taking down the CCP is the only solution to the present problems in this world. 

This is the U.S. army’s concept of the soldier of the future. This video makes it look like it’s just a better equipped soldier, but notice the words – neural engineering, that can mean a brain implant that connects a human to computers. The defense agency DARPA has been working on an advanced implant that would essentially put the human brain online. There could also be eye and ear implants and more circuitry under the skin to make the ultimate fighting machine. Americans are going to have to decide whether this is ethical because some in our military clearly want it. 

The super soldiers of the future could simply have enhanced abilities or they could be part man part machine, what are known as cyborgs. 

China is already developing biologically enhanced super soldiers using what former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe called unethical medical experiments. 

Gordon Chang: This is a big effort on the part of the [Communist] Chinese government and it is really horrifying. 

China expert Gordon Chang says it’s part of a Chinese government plan to create a master race through genetic editing.  

Gordon Chang: They’re trying to create a race which is far more intelligent than the rest of humanity. And with super soldiers, they’d be stronger, less susceptible to pain – just better soldiers. This is eugenics. This is creepy. There are no ethical standards. There are no laws. 

Now the French military has been given the go-ahead to also create so-called augmented soldiers. The super soldiers of the future will run fast, need little sleep and little to eat or drink. And they’ll be able to fight much longer than ordinary humans. But, should we do it? George Lucas, who has taught military ethics to America’s naval officers says: Ethical concerns lag behind this new technology. 

George Lucas: It always does and the only question is how far. 

And Lucas is concerned that future military recruits could be pressured to accept computer parts into their bodies. He believes they should be allowed to refuse them. 

George Lucas: The further into these, the more exotic technologies we go, and the more the risks are not known, the more we must at least rely on volunteerism if not as much informed consent as is possible. 

But the challenge for the United States is even if we put ethical limits on the super soldier of the future, it’s likely some of our adversaries will not. 

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6 hours ago

My last pay check was $8750 just ecom working 12 hours for every week. My neighbor have found the estimation of $15k for a long time and she works around 20 hours for seven days. I can not trust how direct it was once I tried it information..


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