China’s Deep State Is Deciding Who Is Responsible for the Release of the Virus

Xia Zhengheng, deputy director of China’s National Rural Revitalization Bureau, said at a press conference that Communist China’s government plans to lift another 100 million people out of poverty.

  • Poverty alleviation or poverty eradication has always been a numbers game for the political needs of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP).

U.S. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he had not had any conversations with Xi Jinping when asked if he ever discussed the CCP virus origins.

  • The guests on the show are a little bit surprised that Biden didn’t dodge this question.
  • The WHO’s ridiculous virus origin report once again brought world attention and criticism, and even the far-left media began to openly discuss the lab leak Covid-19 theory. Biden must definitely know where this virus came from, and their relationship probably is not doing well.
  • The guests argued that the Biden administration would ultimately make the CCP pay for its $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package, among other CCP virus damage.

Xi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have a phone conversation Wednesday.

  • The Voice of America (VOA) Chinese report has an interesting headline” Xi and Merkel make last-ditch effort to salvage cooperation.”
  • Xi put much pressure on Merkel about the EU-China relations and Vaccine business in this meeting. But Merkel will not seek re-election in 2021 and leave office. How much can she help Xi? 
  • This seems to be a show for Xi’s rivals within the CCP, telling them that Xi Jinping has a lot of influence in the world.

Mr. Miles Guo said on the GTV today that there is now discussion within the CCP about whether Xi Jinping alone or several people together should take the blame for releasing the virus.

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