The world’s politics and economies will collapse like ice melts because of CCP’s penetration

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech

WTO, IMF, World Bank, they are all legal world-wide institutions

In fact they were all penetrated by CCP in different levels

Last time I mentioned a person who named Kahn (Dominique Strauss-Kahn)

This guy was totally controlled by CCP after he became IMF Managing Director

After he resigned, he became honorary chairman of Fondation France Chine(FFC)

Jack Ma and CCP gave him 12 millions US dollar per year

And he wanted to be French president

If he succeeded, CCP could do whatever they want to do in French

He has worked with Bin Hua for a long time, who is a spy for CCP

and is founder and Chairman of FFC. Asian Currency Unit and

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, were all conducted by Kahn

If you didn’t experience it by yourself,

if you didn’t participate as a national representative

you can hardly get a insight of the core secrets

Even the US intelligence doesn’t know about this.

Because the US government changes every four years, or eight years

National strategy changes with the change of government

Lack of policy continuity is a imperfection of the US,

which make it difficult to deal with

It’s difficult to let US to remember all the hurt caused by CCP

CCP is pulling gold out of US, while preparing to sell the Treasuries

The real estate market is promoted. Both parties use it to please voters

Foreclosure is not allowed. Sounds like communism?

Something is wrong with money supply, while gold reserves pulled out

The country’s credit is out of whack.

And if financial markets go wrong, it is impossible to remedy

You are like standing on an ice cube about to melt

This is world politics and economy.

Everything is melting down and being rewritten

The mastermind behind all this chaos is CCP, a gangster group,

… (11 lines left)

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Translation: 上進哥


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