Is the CCP Going To Take Action Against Taiwan? Major Railway Casualties in Taiwan

  • Author: gokuabuela
  • Translator: Ranting

More truth at GtvGnews

I was shocked to hear about a major railroad accident in Taiwan that killed at least 48 people and injured more than 100. While praying for the victims, the people of Taiwan, we judge that this is not a simple traffic accident, it is a sign that the Chinese Communist Party is taking action against Taiwan.

Do you remember the sinking of the South Korean cruise ship “MV Sewol”? Do you remember how Park Geun-hye left office? We feel a striking similarity in history, or rather, the Chinese Communist Party is going to repeat the same trick.

When a major traffic accident occurs, someone is bound to be responsible for it, and this “responsible person” is bound to involve the leader or the ruling party, taking advantage of the people’s anger and suffering to direct the blame at the leader. Then, using online social media to incite public opinion, this anger is infinitely magnified. Then, some private mistakes of the leader, or wrongdoings, will be used or even fabricated to get her out of office and replaced by her own proxies to achieve a flip. This is the “Park Geun-hye model”.

So, will today’s major railroad casualty in Taiwan lead to the ouster of President Tsai Ing-wen and trigger a crisis in Taiwan’s political world? What is the possibility of using “reasonable and legal” means, together with the “water army”(a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content) that controls social media, to achieve the strategic objectives of the CCP?

Moreover, the recent visit of the U.S. Ambassador to Palau to Taiwan with the President of Palau has set a precedent for U.S. support for Taiwan, a model that will be copied by many countries afterwards, and which the Chinese Communist Party cannot tolerate. The CCP realizes that it must do something, or the further back it goes, the more passive the CCP will be.

Today, with the world in such turmoil, there has been a consensus for a long time about what the Chinese Communist Party would do to Taiwan at this critical moment. There is no need for a hot war. The best option for the CCP is to subvert Taiwan in a “clever” way, disguised as “the choice of the Taiwanese people”, so that the US and the world cannot intervene.

The good thing is that Mr. Miles knows all the tricks of the Chinese Communist Party, and with his influence in Washington, he will surely make the U.S. government aware and prepared for this! Fellow fighters, join together in propaganda to remind our compatriots in Taiwan to be vigilant, remain calm, unite and crush the CCP’s conspiracy!

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