[March 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[March 29, 2021] Video translation

Hello, brothers and sisters.

I came to the Manhattan office after I posted my Getter this morning. Oh, I have to take my mask off. I am in the Manhattan office. Since I came here, I have had several meetings and have met a few mysterious people.

Someone called me today with whom I had a big fight when I was in China. He said that after half a year of thinking, he decided that it was time to call me. Therefore, he made a call before he went to bed. There was once a quarrel between us. We were drinking at the Eight Great Sites (Badachu) in Beijing. We were both completely wasted. A bunch of people were drinking, and we were hammered. Remembering this kind of lifestyle in China is terrible. When people get drunk they always curse, and so did this fellow. Once he got drunk, he started to rail against the United States and the West. He was from a military think tank.

Today, he called me to talk about democracy. I asked him what Democracy was. He said: “Democracy, many people understand it as ‘the people being the masters’. Does the United States let the people decide? Does Europe let the people decide?  There is a Queen in the United Kingdom. There is a President in the United States. The United States has a Cardinal. The world, and the West, has a Pope. Is there a place where there is no monopoly? Is there a place where there are no rulers? There are only different forms of despots.”

He continued. “Ordinary people misunderstand what Democracy is. They think Democracy is that the people are the masters. That’s what a democratic society is – the people’s country, and people’s world. Do you believe there is actual Democracy? What is Democracy? In reality ‘Democracy’ means ‘the masters of the people.’ Whoever is the master of the people represents ‘Democracy.'”

Finally, he said: “We, the CCP, are the masters of the people.”

I used to think of this guy as someone with a brain. He has written many books and is also a person with a conscience. He is not a very greedy person in life, occasionally involved in “life of love and gaiety” in his own words. That is what we call “Shuang Xiu” (inappropriate sexual relations). He never thinks that’s a big deal. It is pretty normal to have a “life of love and gaiety” in the CCP’s mind. Because they believe: “I am the master of the people.” Democracy, “master of the people”, that is called Democracy. That night after drinking, we broke out into a fierce quarrel. It was okay afterward. This fellow didn’t bear a grudge. Later we had less contact with each other.

Before Liu Yanping (a former Security Ministry official) met with me in 2015, the CCP initially asked the fellow who called me today to contact me. They were planning to arrange a “peace talk” with me in the UK, including that fellow. I refused because he wasn’t in power. Liu Yanping had real power. Liu was the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Security at that time, and was in charge of the international intelligence bureau. Besides, Liu was on Zeng Qinghong’s staff, and trusted by Xi. Wang Qishan was on good terms with him as well. Therefore, I did not talk to the fellow who called me today.

Afterwards, this fellow occasionally sent me messages through intermediaries during the Chinese New Year. So, I was fascinating when he called me today. He talked in a somewhat mysterious way, saying: “indeed, Miles, in the past few years, what you have done has been beyond everybody’s imagination, and nobody believed you could achieve it. Now it is true that China is in great chaos.” 

Then he added: “China needs you, and our country needs you. You should put Chinese national interest first, stop conducting the strategy of “taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus”, and end the Whistleblower Movement. Let’s focus on national interest now.” Ha-ha-ha!

Therefore, I told him: “No way. I guess you are going to be in jail as a result of such talk. You are destined for the same end as Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, Wang Jian, Chen Feng, and Wang Qishan. Having your family broken in the end.” I said, “You should realize that.” 

He said: “I agree the ‘country’ does not belong to the CCP, but rather belongs to the people. Therefore, you should speak for the people.” 

I said: “Whose people? Didn’t you say that you were the master of the people? Is a society with people and masters called a Democratic society? You (the CCP) are the master of the people, and your society is Democratic? You try to convince people that since there is Democracy within the CCP party, therefore China is a Democratic country. First of all, you coerced people into thinking that they must have a master in order for society to have order. But, when you are master of the people, is there any possibility the country belongs to the people? When the country belongs to you, when only a few communist families dominate the whole nation, how can it be that the people are the real masters?” 

I said: “In fact, the people are slaves now. You are slave owners. We don’t want to be slaves anymore. OK? What we want is simple – “one person, one vote.”

He said that he had read through the “Declaration of New Federal State of China” several times and discussed it with many people. The Declaration is indeed equivalent to the British Magna Carta, and is well drafted. He said: “But it can still be improved.” 

I replied: If you think so, so be it, right? There is nothing that cannot be improved, even God. “Old Testament” and “New Testament,” various religions are improving every day. But what have you done?

To sum up our conversation today, I can feel the various forces in China these days. When they contacted me, I could tell that everybody feels insecure and fearful. It is the moment that Brother-7 previously described as “when the CCP becomes scared”. They are terrified. 

It is not just fear for their own safety. It is different from what our fellow fighters might imagine. You can detect two levels of anxiety. You do not get a sense of their “third” or “fourth” level fear. They worry about the safety of their offspring, who they hoped would rule “the thousand-year nation” and the “ten-thousand-year nation.” They also fear for their own safety.

The CCP knows very well that the virus has spread all over the world. Now I heard that – he said it, not me – the WHO may not conclude that the CCP has nothing to do with the coronavirus. On the contrary, the WHO may report that the virus originated from the laboratory. If that is the case, it will be a big deal. The CCP is struggling to stay alive and is still trying to evade its responsibility.

He said: “if they can prove that this virus was created in the Wuhan laboratory, in addition to the designation of the “Genocide in Xinjiang” and the “Crimes Against Humanity,” then the CCP and all their descendants’ fate will be like the Nazis”. Besides, he said: “there are significant problems in China’s domestic economy. Although they are manipulating public opinion now, the key is that manipulation can only last for a while. When ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing) are out of money, how can they manipulate public opinion? They all feel like the entire elite – those Zhongnanhai old bastards – are behaving radically and are rushing into danger. As a result, the Chinese people are about to pay a huge price”.

No one wishes you dead. There are two core issues: the first is whether you, the CCP, are willing to give up being the master of the people and are willing to give up your fraudulent concept of Democracy? The second issue is whether you will free the people, and let them be masters of this country for real. The meaning of the CCP concept of Democracy and the western reality of Democracy are different. As different as earth and heaven. Both are called democracy though, right?

We have stepped into the internet age, but you, the CCP, are keen to cheat every day, trying to deceive and talk nonsense. With respect to the “traffic jam” of ships in the Suez Canal, even someone as stupid as a pig knows that you (the CCP) did it. Dare you do it again in the Straits of Hormuz and Malacca? You figured it could bring down the economies in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, by increasing the price of oil and destroying the U.S. dollar and Europe. Afterwards, you threaten the United States and other countries not to hold you accountable for the virus. Do you think that a few corrupt politicians compromised by your BGY plot represent all of humanity? 

As an American media mogul said to me yesterday: “Miles, I support The Democratic Party, with regards to the safety, life and death of my family, and because people around me are infected with the virus. But, whoever keeps their silence about the virus, or opposes investigating the truth about the virus, is my enemy.”

Based on human instinct alone, the NFSC and I, Guo Wengui, must take you (the CCP) down. We will eradicate your bullshit concept of “masters of the people”, and make the people the real masters of the country. Our Democracy is not the same as your fraudulent “Democracy.” 

Brothers and sisters, we are approaching an era when people are the actual masters.

I came to the office without changing my clothes. I am so excited. Let’s leave that discussion for another day. Haha, you will see. Brothers and sisters, hold your breath. This era belongs to us. Like the old saying states: “two neighboring counties Shen and Yanggu, are adversaries, let’s wait and see who wins in the end.” The CCP is over. If you don’t believe me, wait and see.

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