China’s Human Rights Situation Is Getting Worse

At a press conference on Xinjiang-related issues in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) yesterday, the XUAR High People’s Court announced several local Chinese Communist Party(CCP) officials had been arrested on suspicion of separatist and terrorist activities in accordance with the law.

  • Recently more and more CCP members, especially those from the ethnic minority groups, have begun to distrust the system.  The CCP brought this up at this crucial time, is for killing a chicken in order to frighten a monkey.  
  • The concept of “re-education camps” in Xinjiang will be immediately extended to all over the country. Now the CCP has revealed their true evil color, and Beijing is about to start a brutal crackdown on the Chinese people.

China Daily: On U.S.-China relations, the Biden administration is repeating the previous administration’s mistakes, as evidenced by Blinken’s inappropriate words and actions. The new U.S. administration should recognize the situation to change course.

  • Beijing is now blackmailing Biden and his administration as they have been collecting dirt on them.

Global Times: China has no hope for Japan, so there will be no disappointment.

  • The whole article is full of derogatory comments about Japan.
  • China, which has been under the CCP rule for more than 70 years, is much worse than Japan, and is still at the level of Japan during World War II.
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