We Are at World War III Now

Dr. Lawrence Sellin dropped another bombshell on Twitter: “Research network analysis similar to SIXTA from British WW2 codebreaking center, Bletchley Park, used to identify the laboratory origin of #COVID19 – Linking expertise to a local release in the Wuchang epicenter.”

  • It is well known that the United States is very good at gathering Intelligence. But the Chinese Communist Party has been misleading and spreading false information, making it difficult for the United States to capture the accurate data it needs. We are fortunate to have Dr. Li-Meng Yan to help screen out the CCP’s unrestricted scientific misinformation.
  • The CCP would have planned to announce the virus outbreak last March if Lu De Media and the fellow warriors of Whistleblower Movement(WM) such as Mr. Steve Bannon and Mr. Bill Gertz had not exposed the CCP’s lies about the virus outbreak last January.
  • The medical system, the military system such as submarines, the economy, and other aspects in the United States would be severely damaged by a month delay in the announcement of the virus outbreak. The death toll could have doubled or tripled. The world will come to experience the true destructive power of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare.

Steven Mosher mentioned Dr. Li-Meng Yan in his newly released article and agreed with her view on the CCP virus.  His tweet today provides a good summary of the article: Dr. Yan calls the virus an “unrestricted bioweapon,” saying that it was a bat coronavirus isolated by the PLA that has been re-engineered using “gain of function” research to make it more infectious and deadly.” She is correct.  We are in a biowar.

  • Dr. Yan is not alone; there are more CCP “faceless people” in the WM back in China supporting and helping this revolution and saving the world.

The U.S. would consider a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China in 2022, along with all its allies over China’s human rights abuses.

  • The boycott’s real reason is not only human rights, but more importantly, the source of the virus.
  • Let’s wait and see how the National Olympic Committee responds to this.
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