[Opinion] New Uprise of Chinese Are No Longer Silent

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Since April 5th, GTV investors have come to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (hereafter referred to as SEC) in Washington D.C. to protest. They bravely united for their own interests, confidently shouted out their anger, and boldly expressed their own demands. The consonant formation, well-organized and immaculate dress, and vigorous actions have become a stunning scene on the streets of Washington D.C.. GTV investors have used their actions to tell the world that the Chinese are no longer silent.

As we all know, since GTV has been established, it has been adhering to the credo, “the truth will set you free,” and consequently, “falsehood will be destroyed.” It has become the only media platform in the world that pursues justice and encourages the truth. The development of GTV is a miracle in this media industry. Therefore, the CCP regards GTV as a thorn in the eye and has invested huge sums of money to ruthlessly suppress it.

In the absence of any evidence, the CCP has been colluding with the SEC, conspiring to trap GTV. They have frozen all investors’ contributed funds for a long time without any legitimate reason, which seriously hindered the development of GTV.  This colluding directly led to investors’ safety being threatened and huge economic losses. The SEC can ignore the CCP’s military-industrial companies’ listings on the American Stock Exchange and do not conduct any reviews or investigations. As long as the CCP uses the hard-earned money of the American people for themselves, GTV investors do not hesitate to take to the streets to question the SEC. It is well-known that the SEC cannot find fault or anything illegal with GTV. Why on earth would they hold that money for so long? There have also been fraudulent reports made by CCP dogs who contribute money for fraudulent reasons in order to delay the process. Why doesn’t the SEC investigate these reports instead of the majority of people who wish to invest lawfully on a reasonable timetable? The only answer is that the SEC has conspired with the CCP for a long time and is guilty of many crimes. Pick your side, do you belong to the truth-seekers or the CCP?! How do you prioritize the rule of law, freedom, and democracy?! Should you return GTV investors justice and equality?!

It is reported that this demonstration has won the support of GTV investors, globally. Investors who could not be present paid their respects to the protesting front-line investors, and they also visited the websites of the SEC and relevant U.S. departments to file complaints. This unprecedented protest not only made us feel strongly about the courage and self-confidence of this new rise of bold Chinese who are no longer silent, but also convinced us that these outstanding investors will work with GTV to establish a model of new media in the world.

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Author: GForever
Contributor / Reviewer: Xueli/Irene

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