The CCP is Planning to Replace American Dollar 

A professor from the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, Di Dongsheng, has recently revealed that the CCP is trying to use the economic crisis caused by the CCP Virus to challenge and then replace the US dollar. 

“The currency that fixes the price will be the China Yuan, and all seven billion people in the world will pay for China because of the pandemic.” Di Dongsheng declared in a video posted on Chinese social media. His speech should be taken into serious consideration since this professor is a part of Chinese policy discussions and play mostly the role of a foreign minister. 

In his speech last April, he suggested that China (CCP) need to attract more foreign investors during the pandemic, using China Yuan to support foreign countries and companies suffering from the pandemic. China (CCP) should also sell its foreign exchange reserves to make loans while making other countries believe that China (CCP) won’t confiscate their assets. As foreign investors, they can buy whatever they want as long as they transfer money to China and withdraw money whenever needed. 

The CCP has planned to take down the US dollar for a long time. According to Renmin University data, the China Yuan’s share of global payments increased from 0.02 percent in 2011 to over 3 percent in 2020. In 2019, the Foreign Investment Law, which protects foreign investors’ rights, has surged some foreign investment. 


We should feel lucky that finally, the American Government has realized the devious plan of CCP: from the CCP virus until the replacement of USD. This evil party has sacrificed his population for covering the truth that the virus has been fabricated in the laboratory. The death rate in Wuhan is still a mystery, and the CCP’s spokesman has eagerly revealed their plan. 

The whole world needs to take action! No more corruption and bureaucracy! 


Editor: Dandan ; Proofreader: Ana

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