Fake videos to promote positive energy backfire

Tokyo Sakura Group Translators

To create an illusion of peace, stability, and prosperity, the CCP has never hesitated to use fraudulent means. On various social platforms in the CCP, there are many fake and posing videos like the ones above. The purpose may be to attract fans, earn traffic, purchase into soft advertising, etc. There is no problem with posing for filming. Movies and TV are all posing for filming, but it will be a lie if someone poses for a real snapshot in real life.

However, the CCP, which governs the country by falsehood, does not care about whether the video is real but whether it contains the so-called “positive energy” praising the party, the government, and the society.  The party, the video that criticizes the government and society, is all classified as negative and banned even if it is true. The CCP has created a peaceful, stable, and prosperous “The Truman Show” through fraud. But the people’s eyes are sharp. When they see the truth, even if they don’t say it, they will say in their hearts: “false, false, all false.” The CCP’s true face of ruling the country with fakes will surely be seen by the people of the whole country and the world.

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