Former President of IMF Kahn Is Owned by the CCP; the CCP Is Engaging in Taking Down America with Money

In the April 6, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo further disclosed that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former President of International Monetary Fund (IMF) had sold himself to the CCP long time ago. If he were elected as the President of France, France would have been 100% controlled by the CCP by this time. Miles reiterated that the CCP is engaging in withdrawing gold from the U.S. and selling U.S. Treasury Securities to attack U.S. dollars, as part of their evil plan of taking down America and white people. At the same time, the Americans are still pushing their real estate economy, not realizing how dangerous the current situation is to America!

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Hello, brothers and sisters. Today is April 6th. You know, the response to yesterday’s live broadcast was huge! The people who contacted me after I came out of the broadcast were largely international political and economic strategists, and they were all world-class figures. They just reached out to me, alright? However, our fellow fighters’ responses reflected that they did not know much about Europe, the WTO, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and the World Bank – those legal institutions in the world. Basically, everyone now still thinks that these three institutions are under the control of Europe and the United States, right? Actually, they have been more or less infiltrated by the CCP, but the CCP hasn’t succeeded even though they wanted to.

The other thing is about Kahn (note: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Former President of IMF). This guy, after coming to power, has been 100% controlled by the CCP. Since he stepped down, where has he gone? He became the Chairman of the France China Foundation. Jack Ma and the CCP give him 12 million U.S. dollars a year. Go think about it, he could return to France campaigning for presidency after committing a crime in the U.S. If he were elected, France would be owned by the CCP, and the CCP would be able to do whatever it wanted to and France would become the CCP’s mistress, 100%! Look at him, he is still like that [colluding with the CCP] now. You may still remember this person because of the guy named Hua Bin in France, a CCP agent, the Chairman of the France China Foundation.

So we have a fellow fighter in the IMF this whole time. He clearly remembered that Kahn was engaged in Asian currency and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which were all this guy’s work. For this, later he was warned by Americans that “if you dare to say anything about Asian currency, you bastard will get killed”. And then this guy shut up and dared not say it anymore. There are a lot of stories behind this. When I am ready to tell you someday, everyone will be surprised by these things. Many people and things are based on personal experiences.

From this we can see how much our fellow fighters understand the world situation. If you have watched yesterday’s Lude Show, you will find that our PhD Team didn’t know much about this [IMF and Kahn]. That’s because they haven’t personally experienced it, have they? So they can only interpret it superficially because they didn’t know the stories behind the scene. This is their limitation. So if you don’t personally experience this kind of thing, you can’t interpret it clearly. This whole thing includes who was sent by the CCP to contact him (Kahn) and what was done, what happened in France, and what did they do in Europe. There are many many things and people involved.

If you don’t have this personal experience, or you haven’t been involved in this with a state-level power, it will be difficult for you to get a glimpse of this kind of core secret. Even people in the so-called national intelligence agencies in the U.S. don’t have continuous exposure [to this kind of secret] because its government is replaced every four or eight years, and people leave as soon as an administration is over. This is a terrible thing about the U.S. The good side is that it is a democratic government, and the downside is that its government shifts between left and right every four or eight years and you have no choice. The government constantly changes, and so are the national strategies. This is a very bad part of the U.S., because it makes it difficult for people to deal with them, there is hardly any continuity in its policies, and it is difficult for this country to fully remember the crises and harms ever brought to it in history.

Things just like what I mentioned can be easily let go by many Americans. But the CCP won’t let it go, it has been working on those things for 70 years. So this is a completely different concept. This is why many people in Washington D. C. told me yesterday, “Wow! Those people are all top-rank officials, but the questions they asked are like questions from a child.” I said let’s wait and see. This time the CCP is withdrawing gold from the U.S., which is totally within the scope of the CCP’s plan. While they are withdrawing gold, they are getting ready to sell U.S. Treasury Securities.

The U.S. is now pushing its real estate market vigorously. But you know the real estate was what caused the previous financial crisis in the U.S. Like Freddie Mac, these real estate firms were completely nonsense and were a fraud. In the end, they led to a global financial crisis. During that time, the U.S. dollar depreciated sharply. So, the dollars in everyone’s hands now are still called U.S. dollars, but after the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. dollar has depreciated a lot, and even its credit has been extremely damaged and will never go back again. This is a very scary thing about the U.S.

That’s why I say Americans still haven’t figured it out now because they are still pushing real estate, and the two parties are still thinking about how to please their voters, right? And now even foreclosure of real estate is not allowed, that is, it is impossible for you [the bank] to reclaim its properties. If banks are not allowed to foreclosure people’s houses, it will be just like communism, right? Communism with all the financial markets still being private businesses will lead to everyone’s deaths. It’s that simple.

So now the currency supply has encountered problems, all the gold is being stolen by the CCP, and the credit of the country is problematic, and then the financial market encounters problems too. You want to use money to fill the holes? You want to print more money again? No way! So if you hear me to this point, you will know that the U.S. is like standing on an iceberg, a melting iceberg. This is the current state of world politics and the world economy.

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